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Girlfriend sat next to JayZ at the soho house tonight.
^ 387.62955 U.S. dollars? ^ Just buy MMM.
OK back to not caring about soccer.
Do their cars not have brakes?
I like Groupe Seize sur Vingt / Troglodyte Homunculus...never mentioned here.
yessir. left arm broken from blocking a liddell kick. liddell knocked out cold with a hard right that split his lip wide open....think cleft lip...
although liddell walked into it, its very impressive to put him down with a broken arm. wow.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I never said that the designs at Guess are attractive, I said that the designers are often pretty darn competent. They are competent but stifled since they are slaves to a mass trend/demographic as you mentioned earlier. Years ago I did some showroom work for express at the limited compound in ohio. They had talented designers from italy and racks and racks of clothes from the top designers from around the...
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace Sick, have been wanting that shirt since I saw it a few months ago. 40% off at nom de guerre. Still have one medium and one small as of 6:13pm EST 06/11/10
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