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ORhttp://www.gpbikespowersports.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?veh=25468&pov=4431239Real talk tho, I'm done with the classic bike thing.I love my Bonnie and will keep it for around the town but if I buy a new bike, i want something different and more powerful.
I was exchanging messages on twitter y'day with Sean MacDonald (ex-Ride Apart, Revzilla Common Thread, Lanesplitter journo) about moving from my '07 Bonnie to the XSR900 because he's been a huge proponent of the FZ-09's potential and XSR900 more finished product. He thinks the XSR900 is a lot of bike - more than I'd need or handle coming from the Bonnie.
I wonder if they worried about oversaturating/confusing their own target market but yeah, the British racing green XSR-700 is gorgeous.
That's what I said! We don't...at least not in the same way as you guys do. damn Socialists.
It wasn't a brand new one ('09, 40K) but yes.He called me this morning with a hilarious story. He gets it to the dealership and despite the sales guy telling him he'd give him $4K towards trade-in, when he got there, the sales guy is like: "oh FORTY KM? i thought you meant FOUR. I'll give you $2K."My boy was like: nah, i'll sell it on my own so he leaves with no new bike.Literally 2 blocks away, the bike dies as he's waiting to make a left turn and he has to duck walk it...
One riding buddy picked up his new RNineT this past friday and another one is trading in his Guzzi V7 for a FZ-07 today. guess I'll get to test ride 2 new bikes this summer.
Anyone use the Jason Markk Repel spray on their Chelsea's?
LOL. You're right. Also the whole DEATH thing.I was thinking of doing it in October.
Also, this WrenchMonkees model is what really piqued my interest: http://www.bikeexif.com/wrenchmonkees-yamaha-xsr900
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