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I do recall back in the Rubinacci thread your coat looking somewhat different when compared to Foo, Whnay's and Matts.
Did they fix it for you?
You're telling him to fuck all these things as if he's been given this great opportunity at a start up where he could potentially make mad $$$$.Reality: He's gonna be working at a bar for the summer and then unemployed thereafter.
Are you a graduate or a student? Is your current job a stepping stone to your future job?
+1.The way I see it, the first jacket should be close to 90% with tweaks to subsequent jackets getting you closer to that coveted 100%.If the first jacket is 75%, there's no reason to believe it's only going to get better.
It's the same as this Formosa suit NMWA has available
Yup. I hit 90 degrees and that's it.
Just placed an order for the Caccioppoli cotton solaro.
That's too bad. I saw the dark brown grain alt wein at Epaulet and it'd make a killer jumper boot.
New Posts  All Forums: