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I've got these and I love them.Super comfortable and I've worn them off the bike as just a warm, waterproof boot.
Nope. It's sage green with a dark green windowpane.
Hey. I only ordered samples at this point, including the one you got plus some other larger-scale glenplaids.Will post pics when I get home.
In fairness tho, all my rain riding has been on road trips where stopping would be on a highway shoulder rather a Starbucks. Rain suit might be the cheaper easier way to go. Also, my new Racer High Racer gloves came in today. Comfy.
I should just stop riding in the rain.
I like it but legitimately question its efficacy. I feel like it's no better than my $35 rain pants. I'm eyeing a used RC-Light on the bay right now...
I literally went to the hardware store in nowheresville and bought a pair of yellow rain pants that did sweet fuck all when it started coming down.
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