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Fam, What is the motorcycle parking situation in your city? In Toronto, motorcycle parking has traditionally been free where there's street parking spot (cars have to pay) but now they're introducing new parking payment systems and there's talk of forcing motorcycles to pay.
I don't get it.Wouldn't it be colder when you get out of work so then the grips become more useful?
My winter riding gloves are the Alpinestars Apex Drystar gloves. They do the trick but my fingers feel so restricted in them.....
Cool.I've been mulling over installing a Motogadget gauge and M-unit over the winter but I have zero wiring experience.
Hey @bluecollar, did you do the wiring on your build yourself?
Just wanted to recommend a nice little tool I picked up recently and used today to lube my chain: the Tirox Snap Jack. http://townmoto.com/tirox-snap-jack-portable-jack Worked like a charm.
Price drop: $375 shipped.
Still available - $375 shipped in the US/Canada
I was so paranoid about running out of gas on my trip, I'd fill up at every major stop. I got to the point where I could eyeball the tank and get within $1.00 of how much gas I needed to top it up.I'd probably get one of those small stainless steel gas containers for future roadtrips.
I had that happen to me on my final licencing exit course actually. The combination of constant stop-starting and not getting out of second gear meant that i ended up with a lot less fuel than my trip odometer indicated and when we got on the highway, I started sputtering and losing power.Thankfully, all I needed to do was switch to reserve and get to a gas station but it would've sucked if it'd been something more serious.Not having a fuel gauge fucking sucks.
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