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On the left are the winter flannels/tweeds, etc. On the right are the summer frescos/linen with a tan cotton solaro to be added in the spring. What should I be considering next? Go.
Yup on both counts. My local MBT made it up for me.
Abraham Moon shetland tweed: Thanks jrd617
Thanks, glad to hear.Update: Just bought the body and 35mm f1.4 lens to take advantage of the Fuji discounts...$100 off each the body and the lens.
Friends, I've sold off my entire Nikon kit because it was all a bit too heavy for me for the type of photography I've been doing of late (mostly travel, some of it by motorcycle). I still have my X100 and am planning on picking up an XT-1 with the 35mm and 14mm lens to cover off the focal lengths I shot with in the past. Any one have any concerns re: the X-Trans sensor and RAW conversions in Lightroom? i know AY referenced it a bit in his X20 review but just wondering...
OOF.Dual-sports are so sweet.Oops: just noticed there's no mirrors or lights on there.
Yeah, I've heard similar horror stories about parts/dealer support for the MVs. I'm kinda talking out of my ass here because I'm nowhere close to buying another bike.
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