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If at first you don't succeed with outrageously priced vintage-styled helmets, try and try again? Also, the ICON came in last night. It's pretty spectacular to look at and light to boot. Installing my Sena might be a bit of a struggle tho.
Thanks P.It'll likely be my 2017 winter commission.SB, 3 patch.Fash outs to Fabric God Edmorel for guidance on the decision.
Ended up going with a length of the beige POW rather than the Drakes plaid: Close enough to the T4 Breanish to whet my appetite.
Bonnie's become the around-the-town bike, Striple's for the highway and longer trips. And c'mon maaaan. I can't go full hipster like that!
lol pic?
This is my other helmet. I wanted something different for the triple.
This one's 3.61 lbs.The carbon's 3.37 lbs.I had the gloss white for a night (sent it back and got the black matte instead) and it was definitely not heavy.
Raw composite shell with a matte finish. There's a white version well.
On its way....
Could be different then. I didn't mean it in a bad way, btw.The jacket I had was unstructured and unlined. It was very nice; very sweateresque.
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