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I wish I could read the article and actually understand the impact of the changes - other than the heat and width they spoke about.
Just ordered a bunch of samples from them including the above, thanks to you.
Oh, no doubt.I can definitely see a world where vehicles are increasingly split b/ween practicality and pleasure.
I've got a hot take about electric bikes. I get why they're the future in terms of not just fuel efficiency but also having the speed and power on the track. But, similar to driving stick, there's mechanical pleasure in going up and down through the gears as well as the physical movements associated with it. And that can't be replicated.
Who trying to relive their hypebeast days?
They know their market.
That makeup looks more Aldo than Alden.
Plus you'll constantly have to explain to people that, despite looking like a girl's car, a Miata is an underrated sports vehicle.
Word. In happier news, my dealer was able to ship out my replacement indicator lens cover within a day. I installed it last night and now no one can tell I dropped the bike other than you guys.
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