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I'm hearing that they're coming to the US and Canada as 2015 models.
I have a Belstaff Trialmaster with Forcefield armor in the back, shoulders and elbows.The KTM R390 is making waves as a purpose-built track bike...
This might be why I may never get a faster bike. I can't fathom ever getting to ride it on public roads at the speeds I'd want or that it's capable of.And I have little interest in track days other than to potentially improve my riding skills.Sigh.
Bonnie is first choice but may not be available due to prior bookings. They are buying more though so I've heard that I might have a chance.I figure I'll get to live out my Jax Teller fantasy....
For the particular tour I'm doing my options are the Bonneville or the Sportster.
Sorry dudes. It's nothing sexy. I'm trying to get a Bonneville but will most likely end up with a Sportster 1200. Not overly mad considering the ride and hell, when would I ever ride a Harley again?Yup. It's through Eaglerider.
I just booked a trip to California in October and am picking up a bike in SF and taking a 3 day ride down the PCH to LA. Day 1 - SF to Monterey Day 2 - Monterey to Big Sur/Pismo Beach Day 3 - Pismo Beach to LA Any must-sees or little known spots to stop off along the way?
Foreskins, obviously.
ICON 1000 killing it with these boots. Will be copping a pair to replace my Red Wings for riding purposes.
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