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For those who've ordered the Barba spread collar as their go-to dress shirt collar, can you please let me know your preferred fusing/interlining preferences? About to become a first-time Luxire customer.
I have a heavier Club Monaco shawl-collared linen cardigan and I find it works very well as an extra layer for cool summer nights.
Anyone have a good source for boot-length dress laces?
I had a camel sportcoat once. It was nice in theory but in reality, only ever kinda worked with one particular outfit (grey flannels, white shirt, dark brown wool tie, cream linen pocketsquare).
cough cough.
Greg - re: sizing on the Stutterheims - should I take my suit size if I intend on wearing them over a suit?
Very nice Andrew. I'll post up some of my Big Sur pics when I get a chance. Those were the last ones I took with my full frame before I sold it off.
Those of you with the Carmina jumper boots - have you experienced the speed hooks shredding the laces? I have 2 pairs of them and both pairs of reduced the laces to tatters.
Any thoughts on the new Tsovet JPT-TW35?
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