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Code:I wonder if he learnt the lesson of not over directing the tailor before or after that commission.
Yup. My buddy measured my legs before and after for kicks. Both legs went up by an inch.DAT PUMP
So I did that BW squat 10 minute challenge as my opening exercise today. Got 64.
Nah.It's just that y'all talking like he's tiny and his physique is something to scoff at.
I'm confused by all the hate for that bodybuilder guy because I'm pretty sure that other than TK and Charly, none of y'all are anywhere near his size/aesthetics.
Where'd you source the anniversary tweed from?
I got the cotton Cacciopoli. I have swatches of the smiths and the cacciopoli wool as well and I like the cotton the most because it's lighter than the wool and the red undertones are less prominent.Also, the cotton comes in a shade of tan that works with my complexion. The standard Solaro shade that the wool comes that just reads too red on me.I really like some of the other colours the C. cotton comes in as well. There's some nice blues and a brown.
I emailed them and asked for swatches.
I do recall back in the Rubinacci thread your coat looking somewhat different when compared to Foo, Whnay's and Matts.
Did they fix it for you?
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