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That's nice. I'd suggest getting the entire thing as a chest piece with the candle and inkwell on your front delts.Not to throw doubt in your mind but unless you're getting those images done pretty big, they'll be dwarfed on the back of your arm.I've done this before...getting a small tattoo on a relatively large space and had to get it covered up with something larger later on.
Refresh my memory but is this houndstooth also the one Parker had made up from NSM? And will you be doing it in the same 12oz weight or heavier like the flannels in the Minnis Flannel book?
What're you getting?Thanks. Yeah planning on just resting up. Might book a massage today as well.
Thanks.Just rest, I assume?
Dudes - pain in the lower right neck and trap area. Started off as soreness post my shoulder work out on Friday but yesterday it escalated into full out pain/strain. Wtf did i pull?
Shit day of squats but I did hit a 260 single rep PR so there's that.
Peanut butter supreme was also pretty damn good.
Bostin Lloyd.
Anyone else have a mark across their back from low bar squatting? I'm getting a fairly permanent one..
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