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Sorry if this has already been discussed but I couldn't find it via a search of the thread. Has anyone ordered both the fina and the picolla? Curious to see how they look side by side. Thanks.
The Sunday NYTimes had an op-ed (referencing Rippetoe of all ppl) that's relevant to this discussion. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/25/opinion/sunday/fitness-crazed.html?_r=0
What's 'the misc'?
I can't remember. Are you sure that your syllabus aligns with Level 1? It's a fuckload of material.Also, the exam is the beginning of June and I'm not sure what the cut off date is to sign up. If you miss that, you're stuck till December in which case, good bye educational gainz.
It's a plus if you're gonna do portfolio management or equity research.Less so for the ibanking/trading.
The 973 is the more formal but I've worn my black jumper boots with suits before and they didn't look out of place at all.I plan on wearing my brown jumpers with flannels, etc so I don't think the scotchgrain will be out of place. Also, the scotchgrain looks less rugged in the dark brown.
On a related note, realistically how difficult is it to put on lean muscle (unequipped) at age 35? I could stand to gain 10lbs but honestly have no desire to add 20lbs of fat to gain 2 lbs of muscle.
Manlets rule.
there's no more Nike town in Toronto. Just the Eaton Centre store which is shit.
You see the Spidi Aether jacket?vimeo.com/90244436
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