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They have a nice tan suede one....
Continental breakfasts.Do you mean for riding or generally?You're not going to like my answer but my dirty white Common Projects are my most versatile sneakers.Behind that, I'd say some black Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells
I imagine a motorcycle-focused B&B would do really well.
This is extremely accurate.
Why your bike wearing a fanny pack bruh?
Yeah that's pretty sick.http://www.bikeexif.com/cafe-fighter
I wish.Take pics?
In a laminate-thick plastic ziplock bag in the battery box.
My buddy got a similar one to that this past summer. I think the newer Belstaffs are 8oz cotton which feel much less substantial to the one I've got. Mine didn't come with D30 armor either so I upgraded to the Forcefield.You do get double use out of them though because you can rock 'em outside of riding season.
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