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Just wanted to recommend a nice little tool I picked up recently and used today to lube my chain: the Tirox Snap Jack. http://townmoto.com/tirox-snap-jack-portable-jack Worked like a charm.
Price drop: $375 shipped.
Still available - $375 shipped in the US/Canada
I was so paranoid about running out of gas on my trip, I'd fill up at every major stop. I got to the point where I could eyeball the tank and get within $1.00 of how much gas I needed to top it up.I'd probably get one of those small stainless steel gas containers for future roadtrips.
I had that happen to me on my final licencing exit course actually. The combination of constant stop-starting and not getting out of second gear meant that i ended up with a lot less fuel than my trip odometer indicated and when we got on the highway, I started sputtering and losing power.Thankfully, all I needed to do was switch to reserve and get to a gas station but it would've sucked if it'd been something more serious.Not having a fuel gauge fucking sucks.
I don't get cramp but my throttle hand used to go numb. Once I changed my grips, the vibration was less prominent and my hand was fine.
I actually booked it through Eaglerider's hipster division called the Roadery.http://theroadery.com/self-guided-tour-the-pacific-coastWhile their website says they have guided tours, they haven't gotten enough numbers as yet to justify a tour guide and support van so all their tours are only available on a self-guided basis right now.They booked the hotels and provide a broad overview of the route and key stops. I used my iphone maps app a lot though just to make sure I...
Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that the weather was fucking amazing.Every. Single. Day.I didn't want to come back.
Nope. They got more Bonnevilles in so I got one of those. Ride was amazing. Great roads, not a ton of traffic (other than LA) and lots of wide open spaces.Lots of pics below so I'm spoilering them. [[SPOILER]] If you guys have any questions about the trip, let me know.
Hey dudes - just got back from my PCH trip. If you ever get the chance, make sure you do it. Big Sur is spectacular.
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