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Winterized my bike this weekend and pulled the battery. Anybody else off the roads for the season?
Well that was the briefest of dalliances. Tried the jacket on and was instantly reminded of all the alteration work I used to have to get done to my RTW jackets to have them fit properly.
Cheers Pete.Anyone else?
Informal poll: how many of you mix and match bespoke with RTW? I've been exclusively bespoke for a couple of years but am considering using RTW for those fabrics/suits where I wouldn't invest bespoke money. Suit Supply as an example.
Also chiming in re: Fresco. I run very hot (my tailor likens me to a furnace) and the 9/10oz fresco works well for me in the spring/summer/fall months here in Toronto. I've never tried the lighter weight versions as I always imagine my thighs would just destroy a cloth of that weight.
Have you tried Naked & Famous skinny guy?The rise isn't going to be as high as Sugar Canes but it's respectable.
i like the blacked out look but I don't actually enjoy Guzzis. I might be biased because my dude's bike gives him so much trouble but I also don't care for the engine feel from the V-twin. I'M A CONTRARIAN!
Hi all - I'm looking for a Nanamica goretex cruiser jacket in a size Medium if anyone has one available. Preferably in navy or red but I'm open to other colours. Thanks.
Z - you have a pic of the suit being worn?
OOOF. Glad to hear you're ok.
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