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i'm off to Portland tomorrow and picking up a bike from Eaglerider for 3 days of riding around Oregon. YEEEEEEEEHAAAWWWWWWWWWW
Thanks. I'm actually going to ask my MBT to recut the front.For some unknown reason, he deviated from my normal pattern for this suit and placed the buttoning point about an inch higher than normal. He' s a stickler for lining up the tops of the pockets with the second buttonhole - which is fine but left the pockets an inch too high off the bottom hem.He tried to fix it by shortening the jacket rather than moving the pockets and I'm honestly not that happy with the final...
It's usually there but I decided to live on the edge a little today.
Just the second outing today so it still needs a bit of breaking in.
One of the primary reasons I went with the cotton solaro over the wool was the particular shade of tan. The Smiths wool read too red on my skin while the cotton looked better.
I bought mine directly from Caccioppoli sight unseen but based solely on the pics of the NMWA Formosa (and GW's to a lesser extent) online. The color is very favourable compared to the Smith's original herringbone wool.
Because it's not gray?
Surprised there aren't more Belstaffs.Speaking of which, I'm off to do some riding in Portland (OR, not Maine) at the end of June.Should I take the Belstaff or my Aether?Current weather conditions have the temps at around ~20C....
The other thing I heard re: Johnson Leathers is that they have access to Kangaroo leather which is more abrasion-resistant than cowhide but significantly lighter. An upcharge of $350 tho....
Nope, it shouldn't. The only problem with retrofitting an existing jacket to accept armor is whether there's enough room in the shoulders, elbows, etc. I remember one of the original Ride Apart dudes was doing this with a Vanson jacket.That's why I went with black originally.
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