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Holy shit you're alive.
Not really a New Year's resolution per se but I plan to stop spending money on gear I don't need.
No doubt. Not disputing that at all.Probably is that my buddy has no interest whatsoever in riding a sportbike. So even pitching the Ninja or CBR250 to him as a beginner bike was a non starter.
I'm good. I was just highlighting that when my buddy was looking for his first, he was limited to a) vintage Honda CBs on Craigslist that are going for stupid prices b) entry-level sport bikes and c) cheap cruisers. Even the used dual sports are pricey here.For someone looking for a relatively low-powered naked standard as their first bike, the choices here are few and far between.
I should've specified I was speaking for the Canadian market.We don't get all models and everything's overpriced here.
I think the problem (issue?) is that there aren't enough options for those new riders who don't want a sportbike or low-end cruiser as their first bike. My buddy just went through the same decision process and ended up with the Guzzi. I warned that he'll likely end up dropping it, etc but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you like the cafe-racer aesthetic, a used V7 Classic wouldn't be a terrible starting point. They're usually cheaper than the Triumphs and weigh less.
Any of you guys have experience with city bicycles? I'm swapping out the scooter next spring for a bicycle for my everyday commute (
If I had to get a second bike strictly for city riding, I'd consider a cheap dual-sport like the Yamaha TW250.
Lol. Not sure if I mentioned it but I picked up a pair of the StylMartin Indian boots prior to my road trip.I love them. Super comfortable, waterproof and protection in the heel, toe and ankle.Also, my boy picked up the V7 Classic so I've got a riding buddy next year.
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