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cough cough.
Greg - re: sizing on the Stutterheims - should I take my suit size if I intend on wearing them over a suit?
Very nice Andrew. I'll post up some of my Big Sur pics when I get a chance. Those were the last ones I took with my full frame before I sold it off.
Those of you with the Carmina jumper boots - have you experienced the speed hooks shredding the laces? I have 2 pairs of them and both pairs of reduced the laces to tatters.
Any thoughts on the new Tsovet JPT-TW35?
Other than Fox, who else is making a nice navy windowpane flannel? The Fox version is too lightweight for my liking.
The dudes at my local bike shop are going down to Costa Rica for 10 days and have rented bikes to ride to and from the airport to where they're staying. I'm jealous on multiple levels. http://townmoto.com/blog/2015/01/costa-rica-bound/
More RJ pickups.
That's a nice looking fabric.
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