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The A. Moon ppl are amazing. I sent an email late last week asking how I could get swatches of a couple of their Shetland herringbones and got an email response saying that they'd pass my request onto their stock support team. I didn't hear back and was gonna follow up today. I get back to my desk at work and there's a UPS envelope waiting for me with a full swatch book and price list.
I'm just gonna cop me a girdle and be done with it.
Omar Isuf had a good video or two on the proper use of belts. I'd recommend checking them out.
A lot of it depends on the bike as well. Sportbike parts are more in demand than a cruiser.
They usually follow a resident in and then scope it out.
In Toronto, the truck theft method is used to steal bikes out of underground garages, etc. Also, it's the first nice day of spring here so I decided to pop the batteries back into both my Bonnie and my scooter. Scooter battery was only put on the tender in late January - started right back up. Bonnie battery - on tender since early December - enough power to get the lights on, not enough to turn the engine over and there's a loud clicking sound. FML. Time for a new...
I kind of like the idea of a suede jumper boot with a punched cap toe, speed hooks and dainite soles.In terms of last, I'd prefer a rounder toe than a chiseled one tho.
I would. Thoughts on details?
Y-y-y-you mean I'm not really benching 205??!?!?
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