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Nothing wrong with a kit. Someone else went though all the trial and error to come up with something that works and looks good so you didn't have to.
I'm gonna leave everything as is for now. I really wanted a bike that I didn't need to do anything to.
BTW - one of the best things about this bike? IT HAS A FUCKING FUEL GAUGE.
Yeah, the guy seems to have babied it so I'm not too worried. He's dropping it off tomorrow along with the OEM parts.
Sooooo...I'm buying that Street Triple. Should I be concerned at all that it's been tracked? [never crashed]
Well, I'm gonna go see it this weekend. The current owner said he's selling it to fund a dedicated track bike.
I don't dislike my current bike; I'd just like the option of having a different riding experience.My bike is a pure luxury for me so I don't 'need' it to be a good commuter or good all-rounder per se.
Gnatty - do you ride daily or just weekends? How do you balance your stable of bikes? Just best bike for the occasion?
Ugh - i'm slowly convincing myself adding this second bike is a good idea. 'for highway riding'.
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