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Been riding 5 years now and have yet to take a passenger on. It'll happen eventually but still.
Some advice for you when you go to do the course: pretend like you've never ridden a bike before. For the highway, it's not so much riding at speed as it is the merging and navigating. I got comfortable by taking the bike out late at night or early weekend mornings when traffic was light and doing on-ramps.
I'm a US7.5 in dress shoes, US8 in sneakers and the Achilles 40 fits me fine (including my orthotics)
Damn, you drinking in the parking lot too? My invite must've gotten lost in the mail.
Woohoo. 17T here I come:
You drinking Johnny Black in the parking lot?
Ordering my new chain and sprockets now. Going with a gold DID 525VX and going down a tooth in the front to 17T.
It feels like riding season might come early this year.
http://caccioppoli1920.tumblr.com/ normally has a lot as does the BN Tailor tumblr site.
Awesome - thanks.
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