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Lol. Not sure if I mentioned it but I picked up a pair of the StylMartin Indian boots prior to my road trip.I love them. Super comfortable, waterproof and protection in the heel, toe and ankle.Also, my boy picked up the V7 Classic so I've got a riding buddy next year.
No purple herringbone?I KID, I KID.I was, at one point, considering getting a hold of a length of NMWA's Minnis houndstooth re-run but felt like it read a bit too close to the Minnis grey flannel I already have.I do hear you re: diversity of colours but I wear my suits primarily to work so the more casual fabrics only get worn once a week on a Friday.I also like selecting fabrics that could be used (if desired) separately as sportcoats or odd trousers.
On the left are the winter flannels/tweeds, etc. On the right are the summer frescos/linen with a tan cotton solaro to be added in the spring. What should I be considering next? Go.
Yup on both counts. My local MBT made it up for me.
Abraham Moon shetland tweed: Thanks jrd617
Thanks, glad to hear.Update: Just bought the body and 35mm f1.4 lens to take advantage of the Fuji discounts...$100 off each the body and the lens.
Friends, I've sold off my entire Nikon kit because it was all a bit too heavy for me for the type of photography I've been doing of late (mostly travel, some of it by motorcycle). I still have my X100 and am planning on picking up an XT-1 with the 35mm and 14mm lens to cover off the focal lengths I shot with in the past. Any one have any concerns re: the X-Trans sensor and RAW conversions in Lightroom? i know AY referenced it a bit in his X20 review but just wondering...
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