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There'll hopefully be a summer next year too guys.
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Drat. I'm gonna get the chocolate Shetland as well (many thanks to you).I'm thinking a 3 patch SB suit - you?
So here's a question: if, according to that chart, I'm suited to sumo as per my body type (which I agree with) - is there any situation where I should ever do conventional?
That dude is so many British stereotypes rolled up into one.
There's no sun in the UK.
The A. Moon ppl are amazing. I sent an email late last week asking how I could get swatches of a couple of their Shetland herringbones and got an email response saying that they'd pass my request onto their stock support team. I didn't hear back and was gonna follow up today. I get back to my desk at work and there's a UPS envelope waiting for me with a full swatch book and price list.
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