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Thanks, glad to hear.Update: Just bought the body and 35mm f1.4 lens to take advantage of the Fuji discounts...$100 off each the body and the lens.
Friends, I've sold off my entire Nikon kit because it was all a bit too heavy for me for the type of photography I've been doing of late (mostly travel, some of it by motorcycle). I still have my X100 and am planning on picking up an XT-1 with the 35mm and 14mm lens to cover off the focal lengths I shot with in the past. Any one have any concerns re: the X-Trans sensor and RAW conversions in Lightroom? i know AY referenced it a bit in his X20 review but just wondering...
OOF.Dual-sports are so sweet.Oops: just noticed there's no mirrors or lights on there.
Yeah, I've heard similar horror stories about parts/dealer support for the MVs. I'm kinda talking out of my ass here because I'm nowhere close to buying another bike.
2012MV.... The V7 my buddy's considering.
This is so insignificant but I will say as I was disappointed with how cheesy the numbers on the Striple's gauges were.
I haven't ridden one as yet but i did like how light the V7 was.My buddy would like a Bonneville but used ones are pretty pricey here in TO. He's getting a pretty good deal on the V7 so I'm telling him to pull the trigger.
Went shopping with my buddy this past weekend for his first bike. Managed to sit on a bunch of bikes (Yamaha FZ-07, FZ-09, Striple R, MV Agusta Brutale, CBR600). The Brutale fit me so nice. When I sat on the CBR600, my back hurt instantly. No clue how the sport bike dudes ride those on the daily. My buddy's probably gonna buy a used Moto Guzzi V7.
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