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I cracked and copped a pair of the blue 12s. They came in y'day and I'm not mad at the purchase.
They look like shoes made by Hard Graft.
Bill, are all those frescos from Minnis?
Any interest in a pair of Panta plaid wool-cashmere pants? Doesn't work for my current work wardrobe and they're just not getting worn. Worn less than 10 times. If there's interest, I'll post measurements. Would be looking for $100.
I can't fucks with all black shoes. Makes me feel like I'm back in primary school.
Pic? Pretty sure I've got 516 and it's a true navy.
No one gonna call out Koby_afoakwah for being delusional in thinking D'angelo is the best PG in the NBA?
Probaby a direct consequence of this:
Anyone cop the royal blue Jordan 12s? I handled them in store but saw the glue marks RX mentioned.
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