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Never judge a bike by its stock exhaust tho.
Ear Peace HD.
I always thought the fairings on a sportbike were supposed to help wind-wise on the highway.
Took the bike out on the highway and some country back roads this weekend. I love this thing.
It's not the most accurate comparison but anytime I see supersports on the street, I liken it to driving one of those made-for-racing Ferraris that come without the stereo and A/C as your daily driver.
Thanks. I paid $7K and it's got ~10620km on it. So in USD/imperial, that's $5475 and 6600 miles. I've only ridden around the block because it's not yet plated but holy. So smooth and you can feel the power on tap - and i didn't even get above 4000 rpm.
Oh - one more thing. Given that i justified this bike to myself with the self-invented need for a more highway capable bike than my Bonneville, I'm also rethinking the overseas vacation plans I had this year in lieu of a local longer road trip (1-2 weeks). Should I head west to Vancouver via the Rockies/Wyoming/Montana. I won't be camping - likely motels, etc along the way - so will be packing light. Where can/should I go? Don't say Tail of the Dragon. related: anyone...
Nothing wrong with a kit. Someone else went though all the trial and error to come up with something that works and looks good so you didn't have to.
I'm gonna leave everything as is for now. I really wanted a bike that I didn't need to do anything to.
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