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Yeah, probably.Mine's more of a comfort fit.
I'm 5'6", 155 and i went with medium.
I've only had one ride with it so far (getting cold here!) but the weight was great and noise was about the same as my Arai.I did ride with my headphones in though vs. the earplugs/Sena speaker combo that's in my AraiOne snag is that mounting a Sena won't be straightforward because of the plastic gasket that runs along the base of the helmet.I reached out to ICON and they suggested doing some cutting of that gasket to get the bracket to fit.Not sure if I want to go that...
This sounds like a terrible idea.
anyone cop the Cyber Monday 3s? i just tried them on and they're mad comfy. Didn't pull the trigger (yet) because do I really need another pair of sneakers?
I've actually stopped wearing any synthetics to the gym as they abrade my skin when doing exercises like heavy back or front squats. Plain cotton tees now.
I imagine that every new shoe model is the de facto Version 1?
I was totally tempted to just fuck with him and ask for a photo with him.
FWIW, I got custom belts made from affiliate member Equus leather in a variety of leathers and they're quality.
We don't have Trader Joe's in Canada. Some people have to resort to extreme measures. http://www.piratejoes.ca/
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