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I thought a SF sucks thread already existed.
I'd like to. The current Fox offering is in their lighter weight flannel (10oz) which doesn't appear to hold up as well.
I'm not really in the market but similar to how Ron Rider used to do this out of the store that initially sold his line, you might want to link up with Leatherfoot as the client base is probably your target market is for this service.
David - what's the minimum order required for Fox to do a custom run? Anyone have interest in their navy windowpane fabric done up in a heavier weight?
Has anyone made up a navy chalk stripe flannel lately? @Slewfoot - I think you were looking into one at one point?
It's a type of cloth. http://dieworkwear.com/post/35641192134/aspesi-and-the-loden-coatSorry - i don't have a supplier but someone else might?
I have the Minnis AFB flannel as a DB but I can't imagine getting another blue DB.Loden.
That's part of the appeal.
The LL Esquire 35 tweed looks nice......
That might be glaucoma. Should get that checked out.
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