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I'll confess that this is why I'm getting mine. It'll probably my only cotton suit.
I have one being made up right now.But I can see why you feel that way because who wants a gray cotton suit?
Fourth from the right is
Perfect, thanks.
Chris - I believe you commented on this 10z wool-cash hopsack from the Mayfair book a couple years back when I got it. Just confirm, you don't think they're suitable for pants, correct?
Cool. I'm happy i got over my Motogadget infatuation. I still wouldn't mind a combined speedo/tach or new dials or something but I'm not gonna pay mad $$$$ for it.
Depends on what last they're on.Barrie = Clarkesque.Leydon = less so.
I think both Scramblers come with dual-sport tyres. Personally, I think they're fine for gravel/fire roads but very little else.When I was dirt biking this past summer with a sub-300 lb Yamaha, I couldn't picture having to pick up a 500-lb Scrambler or BMW every time I dropped it (which was a lot).
Watched a review of the new Ducati Scrambler where they took it and the Triumph version off road. Ducati version didn't fare too well apparently. Obviously neither of those are suited for any serious off-road riding. Also, related but not: http://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/icon-video-features-ernie-vigil-on-british-customs-creation
New Posts  All Forums: