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A dual-sport isn't necessarily a bad bike for putting around the city but not the greatest for the highway.I can make a list for you and others can add to it.Dual-Sport: Yamaha TW200Standard:Cleveland Cyclewerks AceRoyal Enfield BulletSuzuki TU250XSportbike:Honda CBR250Kawasaki Ninja 300KTM RC390
It really depends on the type of bike.A 250cc sportbike is not the same as a 250cc cruiser (if that even exists).But generally, yes - you want to start off on a lower power bike.
I went to a local monthly motorcycle meet up yesterday where there were over 200 bikes there. There were some dudes there with mint Ducati Sportclassics there....so sweet.
Yamaha TW200
Naked & Famous skinny guy fit is great if you size them properly.
I saw one of these recently and thought that I HAVE MUST HAVE IT. But seriously, if (when?) I buy a Striple, I need to find a way to John Player Sports it out.
[/quote]Demo days are usually the easiest way to go.
Leno did a good little video on the H2.
Is it wrong that I love watching RNickey Mouse's channel on youtube? https://www.youtube.com/user/rnickeymouse I've never really wanted a sportbike but can totally see the appeal (until you crash it into a guardrail)
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