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I was totally tempted to just fuck with him and ask for a photo with him.
FWIW, I got custom belts made from affiliate member Equus leather in a variety of leathers and they're quality.
We don't have Trader Joe's in Canada. Some people have to resort to extreme measures. http://www.piratejoes.ca/
I walked by an old brown dude near the Whole Foods in TO the other day and I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't him. FWIW, he wasn't sitting on a Harley so I couldn't be sure.
I wish they'd release the Hyper Venom 2s in those colorways.
LunarForce duck boots.
So Minnis is for garbagemen?
The soles of those CDG remind me of:
See - I was trying to figure out if SS was Ducati's answer to the BMW S1000R but then the Monster is already a naked sportbike. Also, calling it SuperSport is a bit counterintuitive. They really should bring back the streetfighter and you really should buy that one you posted.
What's the difference conceptually between the Ducati supersport and the Panigale?
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