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Greg - do you have any lengths of the cotton caccioppoli on hand?
This dude?
I'm in Toronto actually.I was looking for a biker jacket that was similar to the Lewis Leathers versions but with actual protection and competition-grade cowhide. I couldn't find one from any of the usual bike gear manufacturers so started looking into custom made.I came across JL on the Fedora Lounge and saw that they had done something similar to what I wanted.I reached out with my idea and Alan and co were more than willing to make it for me.
I like it but would be better if it was longer.
I'd be interested in a pair of theresianer blucher boots depending on the price.
I had them make my motorcycle riding jacket with forcefield armor in the back, shoulders and elbows. I had them copy a vintage biker jacket I got off of ebay. Excellent work. On the bike:
You're assuming people like it for those reasons as oppose to just liking how it looks.
Found it: http://iwanttolooklikethatguy.com/
'It was in this thread actually a good while back....I think Eason posted it.Lemme do a search.
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