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NP.I forgot to add that they have shoes on sale as well. Can't recall off hand if any of them were Edward Green or not.
I may have gotten the best ones IMO but there was a blue wool PZ paisley there as well as a burgundy version that was very nice but slimmer than what I like.
Robert Jones in RBC is having a sale. Some ties (Barbera, Bigi, Pal Zileri) are $39 each, 3 for $100. Dress shirts, $99. Some outerwear, suits and sportcoats are half price.
Same here as most everyone else - I have a dark smoke visor for my daytime riding and a clear one for nighttime.
What weight is it?
Holy shit you're alive.
Not really a New Year's resolution per se but I plan to stop spending money on gear I don't need.
No doubt. Not disputing that at all.Probably is that my buddy has no interest whatsoever in riding a sportbike. So even pitching the Ninja or CBR250 to him as a beginner bike was a non starter.
I'm good. I was just highlighting that when my buddy was looking for his first, he was limited to a) vintage Honda CBs on Craigslist that are going for stupid prices b) entry-level sport bikes and c) cheap cruisers. Even the used dual sports are pricey here.For someone looking for a relatively low-powered naked standard as their first bike, the choices here are few and far between.
I should've specified I was speaking for the Canadian market.We don't get all models and everything's overpriced here.
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