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I'm just going to ask this in here because i'm lazy and don't really frequent a lot of other threads. Who makes the best suede belt to match the Alden sand chukkas? I'd prefer an Andersons' braided style but am open to other suggestions.
I'm probably alone on this but i find the lightweight checks lack presence as compared to their heavier versions.
I think you need to either pick a budget and get the best bike for that price that suits your needs OR Pick a bike that best suits your need and then get it for the best price. Lots of good bikes mentioned already - you just need to pick an approach.
Mine is fine. How a bike handles in the twisties is heavily dependent on the suspension set up and I'd say very few bikes come with a great set up as stock. You also have to adjust for your weight, additional load, etc.In all honesty, as a newish rider, any bike will feel great in the twisties. Any bike feels great when it's not going in a straight line IMO.
I've 'toured' with a Bonnie and it's fine. It had saddle bags and a grab rail that I could bungee my duffle to. The lack of fairings and wind protection on the highway is just something you get used to but it shouldn't be deterrent to touring on one.
If you haven't already, go listen to the This American Life episode on car dealerships.
I've never bought a car in my life. These are my confessions.
Oh 100%. The Street Triple's FI so...y'know.
Counterpoint: EFI needs electronics and a computer to reflash, etc.Carbs can be manually adjusted (if you know and if you don't, you can pay someone).
Gonna have to call you A$AP Patrick.This reference may fly, nay soar, over many heads.
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