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Watched a review of the new Ducati Scrambler where they took it and the Triumph version off road. Ducati version didn't fare too well apparently. Obviously neither of those are suited for any serious off-road riding. Also, related but not: http://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/icon-video-features-ernie-vigil-on-british-customs-creation
Any other pics from the show?
FWIW, Church's makes crepe-soled desert boots that are sleeker than Clark's. And yes! The comfort of crepe....
I feel like Cucinelli's entire aesthetic is based on this casualization. Also, Diavolo's feedback legitimately changed my sartorial life. I owe him many thanks.
Thanks for the heads up.Based on this, it seems to be the widest.http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/carmina-last-comparison
Apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn't find it via search. Which Carmina model is closest in fit to the Vass F-last, especially in terms of width through the forefoot and toe box? Would it be Robert or Forest? I have jumper boots in the Oscar last but are unable to fit my orthotics in them (I can in my Vass F-last).
I just took my battery off the tender and popped it back in my bike last night. Started it up and GODDAMN I MISSED THAT SOUND.
Yeah - I'm the same. Not a fan of the boxer alignment at all.I've yet to ride it on the road but from what I hear, you do 'feel' the difference in engine alignment.
I've had OBs and they didn't hold up as well as I'd expect from a pair of $200+ swim trunks. I eventually ended up buying some similarly-styled shorts for cheap from American Apparel. I also grabbed 2 pairs of the David Beckham-line swim trunks from H&M which are a bit shorter.
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