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I always liked the jacket. FWIW, Johnson Leathers in SF can custom-make leather jackets for you with the armor pockets, etc and they do a great job. I got mine from them with Forcefield armor (beefier than D30) and it's sick. It's also heavy as fuck. I loosely considered getting another one done in the cafe style above with D30.
Do you mean the tubes or the jeans?If you mean the jeans, they're just heavy denim but do not not wear as heavy as the Maples (which feel like you're wearing a blanket)If you mean the limb tubes, i'm a fan. They have a compression type material plus straps that hold them in place so the pads are better placed than the knee pads in the Maples.I'll be honest - I wear the above set up when i know I'm going on the highway or will be riding at higher speeds. I wear normal pants...
I have the OG Maples (shrink to fit) but I don't wear them anymore (if anyone's interested in trying them for really cheap, holla). I ended up just getting 2 pairs of heavyweight (21 oz) denim and wear Forcefield limb tubes underneath.
Which grey suits would you wear them with though?
I just saw the movie this past weekend and I must say that Colin Firth's suits looked great on him.
Given the nature of Robert Jones' other offerings (Cucinelli, Pal Zileri, etc), I can't see them offering 'boxy' Samuelsohn cuts.
Apologies but this isn't great.
Is there a name for the brake skid seen at 1:02 in this video? www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXtTFOnzop8 Looks kinda like a controlled rear wheel slide.
Just spotted this beauty when I was out for lunch:
I really like this. Something about that square rear end....
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