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I still feel like I missed something. Why did you sell the bike? Are you done riding or getting a new bike?
So because a cobbler doesn't use the soles you want, they're not a decent cobbler?
They're gonna be huge in Russia.
I installed 3 of the Grundtal racks from Ikea on the weekend.Not my home but you get the idea:
Pretty much. Cautionary tale for anyone now getting into riding.They're actually good boots but I can't really see myself wearing them much so figured maybe someone could use them.Also, got these on the way:
Anybody want a pair of lightly-used Gasolina Midnight edition boots in a size 7.5US (US9 womens) for themselves or sig other? I'll let them go for cheeaaaaaaaaaap.
Wait, did i miss something or is this just banter? What happened to rtc's frankenSV?
The shop messed up their inventory and didn't end up having my size. Scored a sweet free t-shirt tho.Aether NY & Union Garage.
Will do.
New gear alert. Copped the Aether Eclipse jacket as I felt I should have a proper leather jacket for that Striple. Also, after getting completed soaked in the Adirondacks, I just copped these Spidi On-Road Goretex boots on clearout. Just need to get some waterproof gloves.
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