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That one might still be on my list.
They could've had a return. Or not updated their online inventory.
Gear position, no, Fuel gauge I fucking wish.
Would love to see pics.
I'll get some pics and measurements up shortly. I should say - it's more of a light brown than a true tan.
Any interest in a Pal Zileri wool-cashmere (90/10) tan herringbone double-breasted overcoat? Purchased some years ago from the PZ sample sale but hardly worn and taking up space in my closet. Tagged 42 but would also be suitable for a 40. If there's interest, I can post pics and measurements. Would be looking for $300.
I have the Obsidian hypervenoms 2 and love them.Who tryin to proxy some for me in a size 8?
This is the motorcycle equivalent of those 'What would you do' memes?
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