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Thanks - that looks great. Is that the black/white or navy/ecru?
It's that time of year again when I start thinking of what to get made up for next year. Right now, I'm thinking of: Any one else have this made up recently?
That's the hope. Other Bonnie owners have said good things whereas highway riders go the opposite way.I really don't want to get into the habit of changing oil every season. I changed mine at the beginning of this season and while I put more kms on the bike this riding season than previously, I don't see the need to change the oil ahead of the regularly scheduled interval.i did drain the carb float bowls though.
What's everyone's winter plans for their bike? I'm gonna order a new chain and sprocket set and a new front sprocket cover. I'm going down 1 tooth in the front.
"Really I'm the plug, really I'm the plug" - El Nino.
Any interest in a pair of plaid wool-cash Panta pants in a size 32 for $100? Could provide more measurements on interest.
Yeah it's been super nice here too consider it's December but the reality is that mentally i'm done for the season. I won't be taking any long rides and I can just tool around town on the bicycle. It just didn't make sense me having the bike just sitting there with the battery dying a slow death.
Winterized my bike this weekend and pulled the battery. Anybody else off the roads for the season?
Well that was the briefest of dalliances. Tried the jacket on and was instantly reminded of all the alteration work I used to have to get done to my RTW jackets to have them fit properly.
Cheers Pete.Anyone else?
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