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What shoe size are you?
Speaking of fly offs: http://hw-mobile.worldstarhiphop.com/u/vid/2015/08/3uiA9nFu4bC1_mobile.mp4
Btw, if you're in MA, you should be within driving distance of Vanson (951 Broadway, Fall River, MA 02724) Definitely go check them out if you're looking for a riding jacket.
I copped a pair of the Stylmartin Indian boots and they may just be one of the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. Same disclaimer as above re: the compromise with the Rev'it boots. My buddy copped these TCX boots and likes them so far:
I didn't know washing machines were kryptonite to bespoke pants.
I don't know what the local equivalent for you guys would be but the Toronto motorcycle forum has an entire thread dedicated to the demo days for the current year: http://www.gtamotorcycle.com/vbforum/showthread.php?189336-2015-Demo-Days&highlight=demo+days
Had a nice ~400KM round trip ride this past Saturday which really made me appreciate my bike a lot more. I put the little Dart flyscreen on as it was primarily slab riding and it really seemed to help. I also stopped in at one of the large bike dealerships on my way back and sat on a Striple....it fit nicely. They had the new Ducati scramblers there as well but I wasn't really that interested. Any good riding from you guys this weekend?
Call around the local dealerships and ask when their demo days are.
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