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Loved the color.
Man, eBay is so dangerous. Went on there looking for a new front sprocket cover and ended up with that, a new Triumph pin and a vintage Schott leather jacket.
yeah, that's what it seems. i'm trying to convince a buddy to buy the new Yamaha XSR900...or the RNineT.
Has anyone rode both the pre- and post-2013 Street Triple models? I've seen a couple of the 2012 ones for relatively decent (by Canadian standards) prices......
Anyone have interest in a pair of burnished dark brown Tom Ford tassel loafer sized 7.5US ?? Lightly worn, great condition, I just don't reach for them at all any more.
Any Stitch-IT will be able to do cuffs.
I'm 5'6", 153lbs and I take M in all my RC gear.
That's what she said.
Got the bike back yesterday and wowza - i didn't think the change would be that noticeable. Bike seems to want to rev more through first and second and i'm living in that 5-6K band.
Stock sprocket on the 865cc Triumphs is 18T. Most people actually go up a tooth for highway riding.
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