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Worked out w/ my PT buddy last week and I'm moving to higher volume workouts as well. First exercise will always be a strength one with low reps but then everything after is pure volume with 90 secs rest. Feels good to not be in the gym for 2 hours.
I sized up 1/2 size on my flyknits so you should be good with 10.5.
I'm considering a Carmina MTO boot version with Dainite soles.Any other takers?
I hate this sole but this Carmina scotchgrain is really nice in person:
@arahat - here's my more detailed order below: Theresainer high boot, P2 last, double taper to single, goyser welt, oxblood calf.
I'm about to add some volume to my training myself. Primary lifts will still be for strength in the 1-5 rep range but then all other accessory lifts for that day will be high volume. Looking forward to my workout time dropping.
Copped some Adipowers this past weekend. Can't wait for squats today.
Kinda wish I'd known this before I ordered 5m of the chocolate herringbone shetland to make a suit.Oh well.
+ 1.Grape flavour is awesome.
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