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Also chiming in re: Fresco. I run very hot (my tailor likens me to a furnace) and the 9/10oz fresco works well for me in the spring/summer/fall months here in Toronto. I've never tried the lighter weight versions as I always imagine my thighs would just destroy a cloth of that weight.
Have you tried Naked & Famous skinny guy?The rise isn't going to be as high as Sugar Canes but it's respectable.
i like the blacked out look but I don't actually enjoy Guzzis. I might be biased because my dude's bike gives him so much trouble but I also don't care for the engine feel from the V-twin. I'M A CONTRARIAN!
Hi all - I'm looking for a Nanamica goretex cruiser jacket in a size Medium if anyone has one available. Preferably in navy or red but I'm open to other colours. Thanks.
Z - you have a pic of the suit being worn?
OOOF. Glad to hear you're ok.
Crown Princess on Bay for dim sum. Make reservations as it gets super busy.
Pretty sure that's not a good idea.
Specs-wise, more power, better braking, etc are all great. But I feel they've compromised the look a bit. They look a touch more modern than I'd like. Or this could just be sour grapes.
I don't have pics handy but Jrd617 was selling the same length. I'll have to check w/ my tailor how much material i have left.
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