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I saw one of these recently and thought that I HAVE MUST HAVE IT. But seriously, if (when?) I buy a Striple, I need to find a way to John Player Sports it out.
[/quote]Demo days are usually the easiest way to go.
Leno did a good little video on the H2.
Is it wrong that I love watching RNickey Mouse's channel on youtube? https://www.youtube.com/user/rnickeymouse I've never really wanted a sportbike but can totally see the appeal (until you crash it into a guardrail)
I scraped pegs for the first time when riding the Harley.
I'd agree with that. Any of the modern-day Triumphs or Guzzis should fit your needs re: looks and future-proof you against power needs.
They started selling them here in Toronto a couple of years back. I like the army and desert-themed ones but they're pricey for what you get especially compared to the Triumphs and Guzzis.
I mean, I kinda get it but I also felt like I didn't know if I was putting my feet in the right place.I also felt like I was racing a recliner.I did manage to hit 100 with it tho
They are. It was nimbler than I expected but I still ended up scraping pegs on some turns.It had good power tho on the highway but the ergonomics of the forward controls were awkward at best.
They stuck me with a Sportster 1200 which was...interesting to say the least.
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