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Pro what exactly?
One-legged bench step ups
Give them a call - their site isn't as up to date as it should be.Also, I tried on the medium thinking that would be my size as that's what I (used to) wear in the Custom 500. Turns out I'm actually a small.
Town Moto on Ossington. Not sure if they have a full size run but I tried on a small and a medium.
I've seen it described as collarbone height.
TK - that's based on you going from your bulking cal intake (+500?) directly to cutting, right?
Took the bike out today for the first time since last December...it felt glorious. Also, I tried on the Bullitt yesterday. The leather interior's nice and it's not a bad looking helmet but the girl at the shop reminded me that I'd just got a Gringo...
I suggest posting those in the Tailor feedback thread. Based on my limited experience, the back balance is too long on both those jackets which is why the vents aren't sitting properly.
Sadly I don't think any of the Savile Row houses have enough of a distinctive brand or identity outside of tailoring circles that they can extend to establish or sustain mass market RTW operations.
Sounds heavenly.
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