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ICON 1000 killing it with these boots. Will be copping a pair to replace my Red Wings for riding purposes.
Just saw that video pop up on my RSS feed. Amazed at how fast he was going on those dirt roads with what looked like street tires (and open face helmet).Looked like great riding tho.
Had a similar moment last weekend. Had just finished a half-day of dirtbiking and was following my buddy in his SUV back to Toronto.Coming out the dirtbike camp's area is this tight left turn (almost a 90 degree) that I totally went into with too much speed despite the 20km turn warning sign posted. Took the turn too wide and realized that I was going to run off the road - couple that with the target fixation on the gravel on the side of the road, I almost...
Anybody got a good bar mount rec tho?
Why so much dubstep?
M, source of that linen?
It might just be me but I have little desire to ride with more than 1 person.
The issue I've seen/read so far w/ the Triumphs is that they're a bit dated now compared to what BMW and Aprilia are putting out.I imagine the next incarnation of the Triple should bring them up to par.I'd still like to ride a Striple R tho to see how that feels.
Is that the S1000R?It's been getting rave reviews.
Shoulda reach. I've been showing everybody those Majah Hype videos btw.
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