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Gnatty - do you ride daily or just weekends? How do you balance your stable of bikes? Just best bike for the occasion?
Ugh - i'm slowly convincing myself adding this second bike is a good idea. 'for highway riding'.
If I'm honest, it's really the Striple 675 - which I might be able to get 2016 models on sale when the 800 comes out. or i can just get this one;http://www.gtamotorcycle.com/vbforum/showthread.php?193417-FS-2014-Triumph-Street-TripleThe Yami 900 is likely too much bike for me and the 700 isn't a triple. R Nine T is mad $$$$$$$$LOL @ the MV and Ducati recs. I'm Trini yo. I don't have the temperament for italian bikes.
ORhttp://www.gpbikespowersports.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?veh=25468&pov=4431239Real talk tho, I'm done with the classic bike thing.I love my Bonnie and will keep it for around the town but if I buy a new bike, i want something different and more powerful.
I was exchanging messages on twitter y'day with Sean MacDonald (ex-Ride Apart, Revzilla Common Thread, Lanesplitter journo) about moving from my '07 Bonnie to the XSR900 because he's been a huge proponent of the FZ-09's potential and XSR900 more finished product. He thinks the XSR900 is a lot of bike - more than I'd need or handle coming from the Bonnie.
I wonder if they worried about oversaturating/confusing their own target market but yeah, the British racing green XSR-700 is gorgeous.
That's what I said! We don't...at least not in the same way as you guys do. damn Socialists.
It wasn't a brand new one ('09, 40K) but yes.He called me this morning with a hilarious story. He gets it to the dealership and despite the sales guy telling him he'd give him $4K towards trade-in, when he got there, the sales guy is like: "oh FORTY KM? i thought you meant FOUR. I'll give you $2K."My boy was like: nah, i'll sell it on my own so he leaves with no new bike.Literally 2 blocks away, the bike dies as he's waiting to make a left turn and he has to duck walk it...
One riding buddy picked up his new RNineT this past friday and another one is trading in his Guzzi V7 for a FZ-07 today. guess I'll get to test ride 2 new bikes this summer.
Anyone use the Jason Markk Repel spray on their Chelsea's?
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