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I toyed briefly with getting an Aerostich but didn't feel comfortable ordering something like that online.
I've heard of beginners going through this exact thought process but I've never seen it happen play-by-play like this before.
He was talking about models within the HD universe.
Which model is that Gnatty?I think Vanson recently started making some of the cafe racer models with armor.
If I can learn from my friend's recent venture with the Moto Guzzi V7, here's what I'm looking for when considering a new bike (especially an 'exotic') in no particular order: Stable dealer network Availability of aftermarket parts/accessories Large user base, preferably with an internet forum Relatively easy to wrench on Reasonable service intervals My buddy picked up the V7 from the dealer in late April? Early May? He's had to have it towed back twice because it...
You're the king of finding well-priced used bikes on the internet.
I've heard of people using the pump from a spray bottle. Careful though as there are plastic pieces that can become detached and you don't want that floating around your engine.
Two ways:1) open the sump plug and let some drain out.2) Use a turkey baster to suck out some from the filling point.
I've used this with good results till one of the parts snapped on me this past road trip. It was still usable though.http://getfinn.com/en/Otherwise, this is popular with the adventure/touring crowd:http://uniongaragenyc.com/shop/motorcycle-accessories/ram-mount-tough-claw-x-gripWebBikeWorld just reviewed this case and mount combo:http://www.webbikeworld.com/r5/interphone-pro-case-for-iphone-6/review.htm
I took it out for a test ride later that night and i was impressed. Well worth the ~$350 or so and installation was plug and play.
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