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That waist looks photoshopped.
The second tweed looks really nice.
I got some tan cotton Solaro from Caccioppoli and am having it made up 3 patch SB.
For those who want to take the jump but not into the deep end, you could do much worse than these beauties: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/sanders-archie-crepe-sole-gibson-shoe-8813ls.html
tank slapper?
The book is called Mayfair and the local distributor here in Canada is located in Montreal. Not sure who the actual producer is; it's not one of the big names like Minnis or Dormeuil, etc.
Couple of hopsack options i'm considering for next year. I know which one I'm leaning towards....
Which colour did you get? Make sure you soak the wrap first and be prepared for the pipes to 'smoke' when you start up. Mine still smoke after being soaked in the rain.
You may just have the best job in the world.
Don't mean to go all Diavolo on you but black suede chukkas don't work with that suit and/or tie and shirt.
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