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Also something I've been accused of being. WHY THEY WANT TO LABEL ME SO? Unrelated, I'm going to pick up this LED headlight for my Bonnie: http://motodemic.com/shop/led-headlight-for-triumph-bonneville-thruxton/ They also have a single headlight conversion kit for the Street Triple....hint hint nudge nudge.
I'm too pretty and dress way too well to be an actual hipster.I do have a full beard though.
My boss called me a hipster the other day and made me feel some type of way.
I've been squiding it more and more lately around town...Bell 500, denim jacket (with pins) and Red Wings. Gloves always. If you ironically dress like a hipster, does the irony cancel out?
My Bonnie is lowered by an inch both in front and back. No issues but then again, I'm short and light so....
Unrelated question - how would someone move from industry into academia without any prior teaching experience? Is that even possible?
Talk to me about Vermont riding. I need to start making some road trips down to the States.
Start emailing the companies directly. They should be able to point you to the demo days.
It's not about whether or not the previous owner took good care of it or not. It's about proper fit for your head size and shape.Your call tho. It's your head.
Re: your helmet, did you say that you got it from the bike's owner? If so, toss it. Go get yourself fitted properly for a new helmet. Doesn't have to be pricey. Icon makes really good ones for decent prices.
New Posts  All Forums: