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I'm 5'6", 153lbs and I take M in all my RC gear.
That's what she said.
Got the bike back yesterday and wowza - i didn't think the change would be that noticeable. Bike seems to want to rev more through first and second and i'm living in that 5-6K band.
Stock sprocket on the 865cc Triumphs is 18T. Most people actually go up a tooth for highway riding.
New chain and sprockets getting put on this thursday. Looking forward to feeling the difference of going down to 17T
I'm TTS on all my flyknits (Lunars, Forces) but I think the racers fit narrow and would need going up 1/2 a size.
Grabbed these yesterday - benefits of having a size 8 foot.
Edit: my bad - didn't see your earlier post that it was khaki.
That's taking army surplus to new levels.
More like a baggy drop crotch
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