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That makeup looks more Aldo than Alden.
Plus you'll constantly have to explain to people that, despite looking like a girl's car, a Miata is an underrated sports vehicle.
Word. In happier news, my dealer was able to ship out my replacement indicator lens cover within a day. I installed it last night and now no one can tell I dropped the bike other than you guys.
SAME.Unless I'm wearing full motocross gear, I'm not really trying to ride on that.
First time was lowering it off the paddock stand. It came down but didn't lean nicely to the left where the sidestand is. It decided to go the other way.That was fine, slow drop, no real harm done.Second time was pulling out of a gravel parking lot in the boonies. Upward slope, waiting to pull out, bike stalls, I'm not ready for it, down she goes.Thankfully the dealer has the lens in stock so it's in the mail to me.
I ended up dropping my bike twice (TWICE!) on Saturday and thankfully only managed to bust a front indicator lens.
I still feel like I missed something. Why did you sell the bike? Are you done riding or getting a new bike?
So because a cobbler doesn't use the soles you want, they're not a decent cobbler?
They're gonna be huge in Russia.
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