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I have the Minnis AFB flannel as a DB but I can't imagine getting another blue DB.Loden.
That's part of the appeal.
The LL Esquire 35 tweed looks nice......
That might be glaucoma. Should get that checked out.
That's a Sartorialist pic so chances are the colors are heavily saturated and not accurate. Paging @NOBD
What collar style is this? Thanks.
Please make the post or post them here. Would save some time going thru the LL Cloth club threads which can be confusing (at least to me).
Reminds me of a an engineered garments Norfolk jacket I once owned.
Gonna have a tan cotton Solaro suit made this spring. Same material as the NMWA Formosa.
For those who've ordered the Barba spread collar as their go-to dress shirt collar, can you please let me know your preferred fusing/interlining preferences? About to become a first-time Luxire customer.
New Posts  All Forums: