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The shop messed up their inventory and didn't end up having my size. Scored a sweet free t-shirt tho.Aether NY & Union Garage.
Will do.
New gear alert. Copped the Aether Eclipse jacket as I felt I should have a proper leather jacket for that Striple. Also, after getting completed soaked in the Adirondacks, I just copped these Spidi On-Road Goretex boots on clearout. Just need to get some waterproof gloves.
Also, I'm feeling the BRED version of the 31s.
Just copped these last week: Did my first treadmill run on them on Tuesday and I prefer Lunarlon cushioning to Zoom air.
So a factory then?
The new SV650 is getting a lot of love.
maybe the best part of the story.
I'm gonna guess reliability.
it's a small sample size but both people I know with Guzzis had issues and constantly got stranded. One sold and bought a new Bonnie, the other sold and got an FZ-07. My bonnie came with these 1" lower rear shocks already installed: https://www.newbonneville.com/html/ikon_shocks.html My front ones are these: http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/progressive-fork-lowering-kit-for-triumph-bonneville I got my local shop to do the front lowering for me as I didn't really have...
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