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And as my punishment, I get posted up looking mad hipster on the recap of the DGR after-event.
Saw one of these last night as well:
I was at a local bike event last night (around 500 bikes) and I gotta say: BMW and Ducati make the sexiest looking sportbikes.
I didn't. I knew a couple of people who did and they tried to convince me to join but I laughed it off with the excuse that I wear a suit 5 days a week, I'm not gonna wear one to ride on the weekend.What I didn't say is that I think it's kinda gimmicky and hipster.
I need to lube my speedo cable of all things. It's wailing like a fucking banshee in the colder temps.
Heated grips - who's holding? Thinking about the oxford hot hands overgrips: http://www.webbikeworld.com/r3/heated-motorcycle-grips/
Every time I see a boxer, all I can think of is scraping the cylinder heads on cars.
I assume it means wide open throttle.Interesting that you do that going 60-70......
Yup. Just because you can ride the bike doesn't mean you actually know how to ride the bike, nah mean?
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