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Wouldn't mind seeing pics of these LL regrets.
You're a better man than me for visualizing full jackets from those slivers of cloth.
You just missed out on BlackBook's 30% off sale on B&R, Tumi, etc.They were still at pre-loonie nosedive prices too.
Took a swing by to check out the ties. Seems like a lot of the dregs that didn't sell last time around. Nice PZ scarves though.
Also, is there any use in having the jacket unlined if the fabric itself isn't open-weave/breathable?
I guess you could just want the fresco texture and not care about the breathability....
15oz sounds mad heavy for fresco, regardless of how porous it is.
[[SPOILER]]Minnis 0656 Here I come.
Yeah, I could totally see that. Plus, I imagine it's easier to wear as separates.
Oof. Took a look at your NSM suits and now I'm waffling b/ween the houndstooth and the POW.vs
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