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I didn't know washing machines were kryptonite to bespoke pants.
I don't know what the local equivalent for you guys would be but the Toronto motorcycle forum has an entire thread dedicated to the demo days for the current year: http://www.gtamotorcycle.com/vbforum/showthread.php?189336-2015-Demo-Days&highlight=demo+days
Had a nice ~400KM round trip ride this past Saturday which really made me appreciate my bike a lot more. I put the little Dart flyscreen on as it was primarily slab riding and it really seemed to help. I also stopped in at one of the large bike dealerships on my way back and sat on a Striple....it fit nicely. They had the new Ducati scramblers there as well but I wasn't really that interested. Any good riding from you guys this weekend?
Call around the local dealerships and ask when their demo days are.
Coincidentally I just saw a video on this. Check your clutch cable for kinks and/or snags if you haven't already. It may just need lubing
Weird. That's about what I'd pay here in Toronto and our insurance rates are TERRIBLE. My quote is based on the fact that I have 2 other bikes plus home insurance w/ the company so it's not entirely accurate.I have the airbox removed but that's about it performance-wise. I'm replacing the rectifier with a Rick's Hotshot mosfet as I know that the stock one'll crap out on me eventually. The 17T might still be a go but i'll probably wait till the chain needs replacing.But...
Just ran the insurance on having a Striple and it actually comes out to something reasonable. 2016 goals.....
You've just described my experiences so far with my Bonnie. I'm starting to notice the lack of power a bit but i'm hoping dropping down to a 17T sprocket will help.I really really really want a Striple though for all the reasons you've listed. And oh - I want to keep the Bonnie too.
Would love to hear more about how it feels going from the Bonneville.
When you go to Philly, drop a flower for Meek for me. 61X GOD!
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