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Stay far far away from the Guzzi.Gnat - I'm about your wife's height and my Bonnie's lowered with no issue. Ikon shocks in the back and progressive lowering kit in the front.
Oh man. If you NY dudes haven't made it up north for riding yet......
Taking a ride down to the Adirondacks this weekend. Any must-see routes or stops?
Got a lil ride on my buddy's new FZ last night. It's not broken in yet so couldn't give 'er but the engine felt peppy and the riding position reminded me of a supermoto.
FWIW, when I spoke about technical specs, I meant within the cruiser market. I'm sure a Bolt might have better specs than a HD but fuct if I'm buying a Bolt.
I listen to music all the time when I ride. In fact, I can't do a highway trip without music.I rode a 1200 sportster last summer and it was surprisingly nimble and powerful.If I were going to ride a cruiser, I'd personally only look at HD and Indians.More than any other style of bike, i feel like you're really buying into a look/feel/brand/whatever with cruisers rather than technical specs and if that's the case, you might as well go OG.
Never judge a bike by its stock exhaust tho.
Ear Peace HD.
I always thought the fairings on a sportbike were supposed to help wind-wise on the highway.
New Posts  All Forums: