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Hard to go wrong w/ tux (jacket fit me perfectly, not even the sleeves need shortening), shoes, shirt and bow tie for $899.
Forgive me bespoke father for I have sinned. I ordered a RTW Suit Supply tuxedo.
Thanks bruh bruh.Nah. In fact, I pulled the armor from my Johnson Leathers black leather jacket because the jacket itself was more comfortable off the bike than on.I might invest in one of those Knox armored shirts tho.
Have you named that bike 'Hulk' as yet?
Loved the color.
Man, eBay is so dangerous. Went on there looking for a new front sprocket cover and ended up with that, a new Triumph pin and a vintage Schott leather jacket.
yeah, that's what it seems. i'm trying to convince a buddy to buy the new Yamaha XSR900...or the RNineT.
Has anyone rode both the pre- and post-2013 Street Triple models? I've seen a couple of the 2012 ones for relatively decent (by Canadian standards) prices......
Anyone have interest in a pair of burnished dark brown Tom Ford tassel loafer sized 7.5US ?? Lightly worn, great condition, I just don't reach for them at all any more.
Any Stitch-IT will be able to do cuffs.
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