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Apparently Chunk is mad fit these days.
Tight hip flexors
I know, i know....but this thing has an app!
Honestly, the thing I want most from this is the tire pressure monitor
Anyone familiar with the Scorpio Ride system? Seems pretty cool if it works as advertised... http://vimeo.com/70547573 http://ridescorpio.com/ride/
Y'all hating on Solaro but just willfully purchasing multiple lengths of bleeding madras?
Between you and TK, I'm curious to see how much muscle you gained on the dirty bulk.
Pro what exactly?
One-legged bench step ups
Give them a call - their site isn't as up to date as it should be.Also, I tried on the medium thinking that would be my size as that's what I (used to) wear in the Custom 500. Turns out I'm actually a small.
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