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It does have ventilation holes but from what i hear the ventilation's minimal and it fogs up a lot.My Gringo is shit for ventilation but I only wear it for very short distances when riding my scooter and hardly ever with the shield on.I was on the highway this past weekend with my Arai and it would've been terrible had I been wearing the Gringo.A dude I know got a Cyclewerks bike as well. He likes it a lot and it looks nice.
When's it coming?Btw - I'm not sure if you're still considering getting the Bullitt helmet but one thing you might want to consider is the lack of ventilation. That visor's gonna fog up really quickly and you'll always been cracking it to wipe it.
Hey @Markl (and other NYCers) you might want to check this out: http://uniongaragenyc.com/journal/events/escape-from-new-york/
My A. Moon chocolate shetland herringbone came in last week. Many thanks to @jrd617 for putting me on to it. It'll make a nice 3 patch suit this winter.
Only 245 at this point but it felt comfortable.I do need squat shoes though as I'm start to feel my shoes compress at that type of weight. Hitting up NYC next weekend so gonna try both the adipowers and romaleos.
Totally didn't feel like going to the gym yesterday; went anyway and hit a 5 rep PR on squats.
Far left one looks great. Have you considered the Calcioppoli green donegal?
I like the middle and right ones the most.
Mark, download the P90X Yoga X and the Tony Horton One-on-One Fountain of Youth dvds.both are decent yoga workouts in terms of stretching.the P90x one is like 90mins whereas the One-on-One video is 45 mins.
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