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I've never bought a car in my life. These are my confessions.
Oh 100%. The Street Triple's FI so...y'know.
Counterpoint: EFI needs electronics and a computer to reflash, etc.Carbs can be manually adjusted (if you know and if you don't, you can pay someone).
Gonna have to call you A$AP Patrick.This reference may fly, nay soar, over many heads.
I said it in the other thread but Alan at Johnson Leathers is a pleasure to work with. Check out the outwear thread at Fedora Lounge for a lot more enthusiastic discussions on leather jackets.
Who or what is Kotaro?
NP. FWIW, the Moon is a shetland and very affordable.
100% sure this was a tongue-in-cheek suggestion.
Like college sweatshirts and bespoke flannel pants.
Abraham Moon.I've had Johnson Leathers in SF make me a custom motorcycle leather jacket based off of a vintage eBay find that I sent them.They made me a cloth fitting jacket to ensure proper fit (at extra cost) and that seemed to work well.Not sure why anyone would want a leather blazer though.....
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