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This is the motorcycle equivalent of those 'What would you do' memes?
It fucking snowed here in Toronto and it's the beginning of April so riding season can't come soon enough.
Whoops. I was being purely aspirational in my statement.I'm going to assume the wedge cut is there (and that I'm screwed)
Agreed.I'm considering converting my patch pocketed navy blue fresco jacket into a regular welt and flap pockets jacket as I never use it as an odd jacket.
What are the price points if you don't mind me asking? Please PM if you like.
The playoff Lebron XIII Elites look sick. Especially the white ones.
Minnis 0656 (Thanks Greg, Kyle).
I think for any bike brand to be successful now, you gotta have bikes in each segment. You don't have to be mass market but you need those economies of scale.
IIRC, something about the fresco open weave limits the options for patterns. I could be (likely) very wrong.
LOLOLOL.I was in the bashment drinking beers last night. Good times.
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