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Do you have wind/bar blockers on your bike? I've heard those make more of a difference than the heated grips. Was talking with the owner of the local bike shop and she said every year she keeps hoping someone will come out with a good solution for her to stock.
How was it wind-wise compared to the bonnie? Same?
Yeah, unless you're tracking, I never ever get the appeal of supersports on the street. Even in the twisties or canyons, you're in what? 3rd gear? The only thing I can see is the ergonomics that let you drop a knee but you can get those in other bikes.
Pretty much.
Dunno if my back can handle that riding position though.
Everytime I consider copping a DRZ-400, I realize it's ~$3-4K that I could just put towards a Striple. Which is still a naked bike that'd be terrible on the highway.
I end up wearing my earbuds all the time anyways because I'm always listening to music.
Went for a great ride this past weekend but it required 2 hours of slabbing on either end and fuck, wind buffeting is terrible. I'd be curious to know how much better it'd be on a faired bike...especially since all the bikes I like are naked.
Comply tips are legit.
And as my punishment, I get posted up looking mad hipster on the recap of the DGR after-event.
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