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As am I.
If you need to cut 7-8 lbs for a weigh in, you could probably do it sauna styles. Also, hit a PR single on bench yesterday: 215. MANLETS UNITE!
A lil something for Mark: http://vimeo.com/32895451
Were you 16% pre cut or post cut? I can't remember.
Is that a Canadian flag in your pocket?
This is the brown I was referring to earlier. Really nice shade and I like it more than most of the linen shades I've seen.
Not if it's laid out well.
What's your goal weight?
BH - I must say, I'm more and more tempted to pick up a Striple R. Though I really have no need Speaking of nimble, I've been appreciating riding my Scarabeo more and more every day. It makes less than 20hp but it only weighs about 320 lbs. It's so light and nimble in the city.
New Posts  All Forums: