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I actually booked it through Eaglerider's hipster division called the Roadery.http://theroadery.com/self-guided-tour-the-pacific-coastWhile their website says they have guided tours, they haven't gotten enough numbers as yet to justify a tour guide and support van so all their tours are only available on a self-guided basis right now.They booked the hotels and provide a broad overview of the route and key stops. I used my iphone maps app a lot though just to make sure I...
Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that the weather was fucking amazing.Every. Single. Day.I didn't want to come back.
Nope. They got more Bonnevilles in so I got one of those. Ride was amazing. Great roads, not a ton of traffic (other than LA) and lots of wide open spaces.Lots of pics below so I'm spoilering them. [[SPOILER]] If you guys have any questions about the trip, let me know.
Hey dudes - just got back from my PCH trip. If you ever get the chance, make sure you do it. Big Sur is spectacular.
I'm hearing that they're coming to the US and Canada as 2015 models.
I have a Belstaff Trialmaster with Forcefield armor in the back, shoulders and elbows.The KTM R390 is making waves as a purpose-built track bike...
This might be why I may never get a faster bike. I can't fathom ever getting to ride it on public roads at the speeds I'd want or that it's capable of.And I have little interest in track days other than to potentially improve my riding skills.Sigh.
Bonnie is first choice but may not be available due to prior bookings. They are buying more though so I've heard that I might have a chance.I figure I'll get to live out my Jax Teller fantasy....
For the particular tour I'm doing my options are the Bonneville or the Sportster.
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