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Are you a graduate or a student? Is your current job a stepping stone to your future job?
+1.The way I see it, the first jacket should be close to 90% with tweaks to subsequent jackets getting you closer to that coveted 100%.If the first jacket is 75%, there's no reason to believe it's only going to get better.
It's the same as this Formosa suit NMWA has available
Yup. I hit 90 degrees and that's it.
Just placed an order for the Caccioppoli cotton solaro.
That's too bad. I saw the dark brown grain alt wein at Epaulet and it'd make a killer jumper boot.
You really need to clean up your FB/Instagram feeds.
Worked out w/ my PT buddy last week and I'm moving to higher volume workouts as well. First exercise will always be a strength one with low reps but then everything after is pure volume with 90 secs rest. Feels good to not be in the gym for 2 hours.
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