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Triumph is doing a whole road show for the Bobber and new Striple releases. Go on their site and check for your city and then RSVP. I went last week and got a free beer and unlimited tacos.
BUMP. Anyone offering Korean proxy services? Thanks
I just bought 2 pairs of Rag & Bone jeans in their Fit 2 cut. I'm kinda over breaking in raw denim. I don't wear jeans enough to ever wear them in properly. Plus, I need denim w/ some stretch in them.
Fit pic:
Those are some rebellious looking dad jeans.
I'll snap some fit pics later. All pockets are functional and the vertical ones can work as hand pockets but the zipper teeth scratch my hands
Here's my Johnson Leathers moto jacket in a 3.75-4oz heavy naked cowhide. It's based on a vintage TT Leathers jacket I sent them to copy with some modifications.
Maybe a wool-silk or silk-linen mix?
I'd say heavy linen or a very loose hopsack would be what you're looking for.Any type of wool will look too formal IMO.
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