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Damn your voices of reason.
Yeah - i'm down to my second pair on both. It's weird - it only happens w/ the Carmina speed hooks.
Hey Roger - where do you get replacement laces for your boots? My Carmina jumper speedhooks shred mine with the quickness and I've been struggling to find suitable replacements locally.
So I'm considering having a pair of trousers made up with the yards of A. Moon shetland herringbone tweed I have left over from my jacket. Somebody talk me out of this folly.
How'd you manage that one?
You do the rider training course yet?
Do you have wind/bar blockers on your bike? I've heard those make more of a difference than the heated grips. Was talking with the owner of the local bike shop and she said every year she keeps hoping someone will come out with a good solution for her to stock.
How was it wind-wise compared to the bonnie? Same?
Yeah, unless you're tracking, I never ever get the appeal of supersports on the street. Even in the twisties or canyons, you're in what? 3rd gear? The only thing I can see is the ergonomics that let you drop a knee but you can get those in other bikes.
Pretty much.
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