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LOL. At least you're honest.Sounds like he's screwed. He only just got a bike so he's not fully M-licenced and thus can't rent.I think he said he's gonna check out a strip club this week so i guess there's hope?
When (IF?) the CAD dollar ever recovers, I'm going to have Johnson Leathers make me up a summer riding jacket made out of K-leather.Cafe style, mesh lining, D30 armor, pit and rear vents, 4 zip pockets with ball-and-chain zippers, double front zip.
Don't know why but that Thesis jacket feels like a scam.It might be their promo video of a dude doing a wheelie rather than anything to do with the jacket.
2015 Monster review including bitching about what's wrong with the older models http://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/2015-ducati-monster-821-review
Speaking of gear, I'm currently in talks with this local painter to have my Gringo painted... http://www.blackwidowairbrushing.com/p/helmets.html Something simple....Dark green with a hi-viz stripe near the base.
Hey @brokencycle, my boy got posted out to Minneapolis on a project for a couple of months. Mind shooting me a list of stuff to do? He's bored out of his skull.....
GLOVES.Consider touch-screen compatible ones if you wanna keep up w/ the times.
Thanks R! An off-white braided belt would definitely work. I have a tobacco-suede Andersons belt that I usually pair with my snuff chukkas but haven't really been conscious about the sand chukkas as much.
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