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Shoulda reach. I've been showing everybody those Majah Hype videos btw.
I went dirtbiking this past weekend for the first time. HOLY FUCK THAT WAS FUN. Highly recommend it if you have the access to some dirtbike training.
What do you wanna get?
Thanks dudes. Looking forward to more pics in here as the bikes start to come out of hibernation.
Awesome. My biggest concern about getting one (or any other bike) is that I don't ride nearly enough to justify another bike. I had an awesome ride on my Bonnie this past weekend and I'm in love with its third gear and the sound my Dominator exhaust makes. I have a front fork spring lowering kit on order from Progressive Suspension which should help the front end feel more planted. I reached out to the previous owner and turns out the rear Ikon shocks he installed are...
BH - how's that Striple R treating you? I'm getting mad tempted....
Great progress.The pants puddled around your ankles is mad homo tho.
New Posts  All Forums: