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You can learn a lot riding around a parking lot at low speed.
I'm going to make an uneducated guess but i'm thinking an SV650 is a lot cheaper to insure than a striple R for someone who just started riding. Also, avoid rebuilt anything.
I envy Americans' mobility. I'd move out to California in a heartbeat if I could.
And 2 broken chairs?
Order a bike jack from Harbor Freight:http://www.harborfreight.com/1500-lb-Capacity-ATVMotorcycle-Lift-60536.htmlIn a pinch, you can also use a piece of wood and a car jack.
What does this mean and what are you gluing?
The light grey one then.Burgundy's....burgundy.
They have a nice tan suede one....
Continental breakfasts.Do you mean for riding or generally?You're not going to like my answer but my dirty white Common Projects are my most versatile sneakers.Behind that, I'd say some black Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells
New Posts  All Forums: