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Any other pics from the show?
FWIW, Church's makes crepe-soled desert boots that are sleeker than Clark's. And yes! The comfort of crepe....
I feel like Cucinelli's entire aesthetic is based on this casualization. Also, Diavolo's feedback legitimately changed my sartorial life. I owe him many thanks.
Thanks for the heads up.Based on this, it seems to be the widest.http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/carmina-last-comparison
Apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn't find it via search. Which Carmina model is closest in fit to the Vass F-last, especially in terms of width through the forefoot and toe box? Would it be Robert or Forest? I have jumper boots in the Oscar last but are unable to fit my orthotics in them (I can in my Vass F-last).
I just took my battery off the tender and popped it back in my bike last night. Started it up and GODDAMN I MISSED THAT SOUND.
Yeah - I'm the same. Not a fan of the boxer alignment at all.I've yet to ride it on the road but from what I hear, you do 'feel' the difference in engine alignment.
I've had OBs and they didn't hold up as well as I'd expect from a pair of $200+ swim trunks. I eventually ended up buying some similarly-styled shorts for cheap from American Apparel. I also grabbed 2 pairs of the David Beckham-line swim trunks from H&M which are a bit shorter.
Buddy just got his Moto Guzzi V7 Classic delivered to my place on Saturday (I'm storing it in my parking spot for now). Took it for a quick spin around the garage....not bad.
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