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Personally, i think they're all trash up until the 13 Elites. http://www.si.com/nba/photos/2014/12/18/the-history-of-lebrons-signature-shoes
14 years, Lebron's Air Zoom Generation's are still trash.
Anyone have a link to better pictures of the Minnis Fresco book swatches?
I don't have experience with it but I'm going to say yes.
After he got 11 commissions done obviously.
Anyone ever buy from Stadium Goods? They've got the SF1s for $275 - which isn't that unreasonable as reselling goes.
That's fair and very practical. I think Indian has the best chance of competing with the Harley brand because it actually has some heritage or perceived authenticity behind the brand.
New STR coming out soon I think.
It kinda makes sense for them to focus on the Indian brand. There's only so much room for cruisers out there.
RIP Craig Sager
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