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I have found that the raised heels on my powerlifts help with ankle mobility on squats. YMMV.
I like my Metcon2s if any part of my workout includes squatting or deadlifting. I also liked my hypervenom 2s if I wasn't squatting but have since switched completely to the Metcons If i'm squatting heavy, I'm in my Adi Powerlifts.
Yeah, that's nice. And the windowpane is nowhere as offensive as I remember it in Foo's posts.
Looked nice enough. No obvious glue marks on the pair i handled.
Swung by KITH last night and saw all the tan Nikes on display. Was briefly tempted by the vachetta AF1 but didn't bother pulling the trigger.
I've got the black but I actually like the pink hits of colour....
Capsule had them on sale at one point.
This 'custom' Supreme-SF1 is extremely well done:
Is that a Dunk...Mid?
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