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Haven't been in this thread for a while but any interest in GMTO for a polo suede jumper boot?
Isles textiles is the US distributors for Harrison's.
Disappointed they didn't name the line (Very) RVRE weaves.
If only all the garments posted on LL were superb....
Wouldn't mind seeing pics of these LL regrets.
You're a better man than me for visualizing full jackets from those slivers of cloth.
You just missed out on BlackBook's 30% off sale on B&R, Tumi, etc.They were still at pre-loonie nosedive prices too.
Took a swing by to check out the ties. Seems like a lot of the dregs that didn't sell last time around. Nice PZ scarves though.
Also, is there any use in having the jacket unlined if the fabric itself isn't open-weave/breathable?
I guess you could just want the fresco texture and not care about the breathability....
New Posts  All Forums: