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After he got 11 commissions done obviously.
Anyone ever buy from Stadium Goods? They've got the SF1s for $275 - which isn't that unreasonable as reselling goes.
That's fair and very practical. I think Indian has the best chance of competing with the Harley brand because it actually has some heritage or perceived authenticity behind the brand.
New STR coming out soon I think.
It kinda makes sense for them to focus on the Indian brand. There's only so much room for cruisers out there.
RIP Craig Sager
Aerostich....but probably little else.Yup. I did a very short part of it Labor Day week and it was awesome.
I'm the same size as you so yes - 9.5cm would be applicable.
So, because one can never have enough gear, I've decided that I'm gonna make the ride out to Duluth in the spring and get fitted out for a stealth black roadcrafter. I'm tired of getting rained on and soaked on road trips.
Measure the distance between the top of the flapped pockets and the hem of the jacket. If it's anything less than ~9.5cm, the proportions will look off. This is how I'd judge how much room I had to shorten jackets when i used to have heavily altered RTW.
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