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Got a lil ride on my buddy's new FZ last night. It's not broken in yet so couldn't give 'er but the engine felt peppy and the riding position reminded me of a supermoto.
FWIW, when I spoke about technical specs, I meant within the cruiser market. I'm sure a Bolt might have better specs than a HD but fuct if I'm buying a Bolt.
I listen to music all the time when I ride. In fact, I can't do a highway trip without music.I rode a 1200 sportster last summer and it was surprisingly nimble and powerful.If I were going to ride a cruiser, I'd personally only look at HD and Indians.More than any other style of bike, i feel like you're really buying into a look/feel/brand/whatever with cruisers rather than technical specs and if that's the case, you might as well go OG.
Never judge a bike by its stock exhaust tho.
Ear Peace HD.
I always thought the fairings on a sportbike were supposed to help wind-wise on the highway.
Took the bike out on the highway and some country back roads this weekend. I love this thing.
It's not the most accurate comparison but anytime I see supersports on the street, I liken it to driving one of those made-for-racing Ferraris that come without the stereo and A/C as your daily driver.
Thanks. I paid $7K and it's got ~10620km on it. So in USD/imperial, that's $5475 and 6600 miles. I've only ridden around the block because it's not yet plated but holy. So smooth and you can feel the power on tap - and i didn't even get above 4000 rpm.
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