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So..tried on the Shoei RF1200 this weekend. Wasn't bad but my old Arai felt plusher? I might just get the same helmet but in the correct size. Also tried on the Schuberth S2 but they didn't have my correct size. It did feel nice though in the one I did manage to try on.
I'm actually gonna take a look at the Schuberth S2 on the weekend.I've heard and read good things.
The pants were fine. He remade the jacket.
Anyone interested in a pair of lightly-used Gasolina boots in a small size (7.5US)?
Just once (the jacket).Cotton's too unforgiving for alterations especially when it comes to the visible needle marks.I likely would not have needed the remake if it was wool (and also if the tailor didn't fuck it up the first time)
Let's try this again:I'm never getting a cotton suit made again.
Yeah, I have the Vector-2 now and it's been super comfortable and has great airflow.
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