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Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba New tie, RLPL 'seven fold', rigged for a wedding but you guys consider it CBD so what the heck... Quote: Originally Posted by ndw I like the shirt collar a lot. Who's the shirt maker? I certainly doesn't seem like something from a RL store
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I just got a checkered Kiton shirt with darts. Pattern matching was perfect. I just got a striped Barba shirt with darts. Pattern matching was perfect. That said, I once had a tailor put darts in a plaid shirt and the matching came out horribly wrong...
From the A Suitable Wardrobe Blog.
Quote: Originally Posted by inimitable ^ Nice. What's the difference between the 2 shirts? Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD The width of the blue stripe and the spread of the collar. The fabrics are also different, and the black label shirt on the right is slimmer.
A package from Shop the Finest arrived today
I decided to check out the SW&D WAYWRN for kicks and this was the most recently posted image: Talk about drape!
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I like those. How is the width around the instep? Not as nice as those C&J Sydneys you're selling I got them in my usual shoe size (8d) and they actually felt uncomfortably tight around the instep, to the point where I took them off at the office for a couple of hours. Went out for drinks after that and after walking around for a bit they have broken in quite nicely. Oh and also they are noticeably lighter...
Well I FINALLY received the shoes While they retail for $468 on the Brooks Bros website, they are the Loake Fenchurch model, which you can buy directly from the maker for £180.00 < $300. I got them on sale and with gift cards bought from SF at a discount so it came out about the same. While I like them a lot, the model pictured in the Brooks site is not the same as the shoe, the most evident differences being the length of the "tongue" (don't know what that would be...
Ed, are you planning on stocking any wider ties in the future (3.5 - 3.75")?
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