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Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq As far as I know, Loake doesn't make Peal shoes. The "lightweight" Peals are made by Loake. At least I'm 99% sure for my loafers: Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist C&J, 240 last. Have a pair, like them. Run a bit narrow, went up a half size on my foot. Good quality, channeled soles. From what I understand, they are somewhere...
Does anyone know who makes the Peal & Co perforated captoe, and can anyone attest to their quality? Having bought some Peal loafers which although nice could have been bought for less directly from Loake, I want to make sure before pulling the trigger.
Anyone have specific dates for the summer sale, and an idea on what exactly goes on sale and for how much? I want to buy the Peal & Co perforated captoe, but am unsure as to whether get them on wednesday with the friends & family 25% off sale or wait until summer. Thanks
After some wear and a tedious Ethan desu inspired spit shine
Quote: Originally Posted by bluesdance does it have feet? = does it stand up on its own? pics from the bottom and sides would be great. it's sold, i couldn't edit the OP so hopefully the mods won't mind
I have a small timer's position but a big timer's office, so that is not an issue for me. However, I often get "caught" adjusting my pocket square or tie dimple in the bathroom
Pm sent on Kiton
This was recently posted on the CBD WAYWRN thread and together with duck-billed square toes it's hard to conceive of an uglier last shape for a real dress shoe:
Quote: Originally Posted by AE7 What's next, this?
Forum member Ob5curity posts a lot of pics wearing SuitSupply on WAYWRN; can't say anything about the quality but the cut looks pretty decent for the price point.
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