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Necro-threading here: I have the same issue mentioned by previous posters where probably due to a high instep my two pairs of bluchers balmorals/oxfords that otherwise fit perfectly form a wider V than I would like at the closing of the quarters. Can a cobbler stretch out only part of the quarters to narrow this gap, keeping the rest of the shoe the same, or is this a risk not worth running? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Artking3 Ralph Lauren and Paul Stuart both make this engine turned belt buckle, along with the belt leather. If you are just looking for the belt leather, I also recommend Sid Mashburn's dark brown leather. Thanks, I actually also have the Ralph Lauren one, but it too is dark brown and wider than 1". I'll take a look at the Paul Stuart one
I just purchased one which is just under 1" wide in dark brown from J Crew (it looks lighter in the pic than IRL): The only other color they offer it in is black. Any suggestions for something as close as possible to this in mid brown? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kappelan Whooaaaaa, I don't think I've ever seen lapels that wide
FWIW, the only time I've been to the Philly store one of the saleswomen certainly came off as rude. The salesmen in the Conn Ave store in DC which I frequent have been very friendly and helpful though
Damn those are amazing! The lapels are stunning
Does anyone have any pics wearing a Jantzen shirt with either a: #29 collar (3"1/2x 2 New Italian High Dual Buttons Classic Spread) or a: #G-18 collar (3.3/4 X 2" Long Spread Collar with Dual Buttons) Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Thanks! Can you post it up when you get home, if you have a chance? 04FRIEND 25% off, May 5-9
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