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The Armoury crowd- Ethandesu: Toiletduck:
Contra most posters on the thread, I prefer 1" myself. Straps this wide to be worn with a slide buckle are sold by classic providers such as Trafalgar, RL, and BB.
Thanks, it's a Ralph Lauren Purple Label purchased recently NWOT from the B&S for a song
Attended a friend's wedding wearing a new suit and tie
FINAL OFFER - $50 for Drakes and PRL ties together, shipped CONUS 1- Mountain & Sackett - SOLD 2- Drakes - $40- recently purchased NWOT from SF seller PocketCircle and hasn't been worn, am selling bc the lining is thin and ties too small of a knot for my liking 100% silk, 59" long, 3 3/8" wide 3- Daks - GONE 4- Polo Ralph Lauren - $25- NWOT (dark spot in second pic is shadow, no stains whatsoever) 100% silk 58" long, 3 1/2" wide
PM'd on 2
My mistake, I meant balmorals/oxfords
First and only bump
Sad outcome of the London riots, but stylewise it doesn't get more genuine than this
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