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I got the Ludlow in 36r, charcoal pinstripe, and after minor alterations it looks great. My only complaint is about the pickstitching that came off a bit on the lapel (look up my threads). Unless you absolutely need solid navy wool, check out the Ludlows on sale at real cheap prices:
I happen to be very picky with the smallest of things, and am terribly bothered by the fact that the pickstitching on the lapel of my suit jacket (right above the "buttonhole") has partially come off, even if it's a charcoal suit and barely noticeable under normal lighting conditions. Does anyone else think this is an issue, and how simple would it be for a tailor to re-stitch it? Thanks
Quick tailoring question: can pants be both narrowed at the hem and cuffed?
I've never bought anything at the store, so I was wondering if any of you have any info/experience with Rugby suits. I'm interested bc they have a cotton suit on sale that'd be great for the summer: Thanks
I'm a couple of weeks away from starting my first real job, which means wearing suits five days a week. I currently have 2 suits, 6 shirts and 2 pairs of shoes, though I plan on expanding the list once I start getting payed. Any suggestions for taking good care of my stuff? For example, how often should I clean and polish the shoes? How often I should clean the suits? Any rules such as not wearing the same suit two days in a row? etc etc There is a similar thread...
have the tailor take out the sides of the suit, the chest is a bit too tight. and for those who complain about the crumpling/wrinkling – it's linen after all.
Oh and this place in Dupont has very good reviews, though you should always be wary of anonymous internet reviewers
I've had my shoes shined at Kiko's, located at 2100 Pennsylvania Ave, and they are quite friendly and willing to answer any shoe related questions. Haven't brought anything in for repair though
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben I understand this, but when you do the measurements--I'm thinking chest in particular--BB stacks up pretty even with most other slim fit guys. Now that I look at the shirts, I take back the "chest" part, but asides from that, it's pretty baggy all around. Quote: Originally Posted by furo What are you comparing them to? I haven't found many classic-style dress shirts that meet the slim fit...
As someone who is slim, and also very favorable to slim fit shirts, I must say that BB "slim fit" shirts are anything but slim fit. I bought them my size and the excess fabric on the back, arms and chest is enough to make a whole truly slim fit shirt from.
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