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Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Stephen is my tailor too! The last time I saw him, he charged me maybe $30 to shorten jacket sleeves. Yours must be something complex--surgeon's cuffs, perhaps? Maybe Stephen was assuming they were surgeon's, but they are not, since I didn't have the jacket when I hastily asked him about it and he said that "it depends" and that "it could be around $50". I'll be more specific when I go pick up the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland I thought they could only make it more slim, not take out any unless they put extra fabric in the jacket? Most jackets (and trousers for that matter) have some extra fabric that allows for maybe an inch to be taken out, I had that done w my j crew ludlow suit jackets. Not sure about TaT though, ask Jason
I need the sleeves in a suit jacket shortened by half an inch, my go to guy Stephen the Tailor in DC said it might cost around $50-60. I've never had this alteration done but this seemed a bit steep. Since it's only a tad, would this imply bringing the sleevehead in or just "hemming" the sleeve cuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland I'm probably not using drape as others define it. I just mean I don't like the way it hangs on my body. I prefer blazers that are straight and maybe a little boxy. The don't quite like the fit of the one I have. That's why I'm weary of buying blazers online as I can't try them on beforehand. You can always take it to a tailor to get the sides taken out to make it more "boxy". The most important measurement...
Quote: Originally Posted by shazeh haha, yes they are square toe. duly noted. anyone recommend a place online or in the washington, dc area that I can get good belts. Again, because of my 29 inch waist, its hard to find decent belts in my size. i've bought a couple of ralph lauren belts at filene's basement for real cheap... there's one on ct ave, another one downtown and one in chevy chase i believe
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Looks great vncrz. Did you take your own measurements or did you meet up with jason? I took my own, like 30 times because I was paranoid about getting them wrong. Jason was completely right about trusting your own measurements rather than a tailor's - I left some pants at the tailor and asked him to take the same measurements based on the TaT measurement guide and they were way off.
Three weeks later, my first TaT suit has arrived and I wore it today for the first time. Light grey lightweight flannel fabric, house cut with slightly longer jacket length and wider lapels, pants tapered at hem to 15". I'm very satisfied with results, and find no need to take it to the tailor (though SF fit critiques are welcome). I'll try a navy suit sometime in the future
I've been wearing a pair of New Cures for almost two months now, and really like the fit. I got them hemmed to 31", though I wished I would have gone for 30.5". Now I know I'm being extremely picky here, but if I want the inseam to be shorter by 0.5", should I get them re-hemmed, or just wait until the wear and creasing shortens them slightly, or give them a wash so that the inseam shrinks? Regarding the latter, I would want to conserve the deep indigo color and not get...
Hey guys, I'm about to order a Thick as Thieves suit, however I'm currently unsure about what fabric to get it in. I wear suits to work every day (int'l organization in DC- not as conservative as it sounds), and currently have a well-fitting subtle pinstripe charcoal suit and an ill-fitting navy suit (which will go out of circulation once I receive my TaT). I have an eye on another navy suit so my focus here is whether I should go with a grey lightweight flannel or a grey...
Quote: Originally Posted by jslim a fitted shirt thats not puffy when tucked in. buy a slim fit dress shirt (h&m's aren't bad) and have a tailor put darts in the back, works every time for me
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