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Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 +1 Dude! WTF! Put on some pants for crying out loud i was just lounging in my room... no need to put them on to show shoulder fit. now if we could just get back to the topic of this post
Quote: Originally Posted by binge MBT breast pocket? i must be sartorially challenged so as to not know what MBT means Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Are those boxer shorts? yes
I currently have two suits and am about to purchase a third. The two I have have slightly differing shoulder sizes, as shown by the pics below: the ones on the grey suit seem to extend a bit over my natural shoulder, while the ones on the charcoal suit fall right on them. Which one fits "appropriately"? What sort of shoulder sizing should I go for on my next suit (as compared to the pics here)? Any suggestions are much appreciated
Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 nice boots jd roosevelt island?
Quote: Originally Posted by greekonomist I don't think it's stylish, just German. Perhaps going too far down the Road to Serfdom, Friedrich?
Germany's Joachim Loew always wears great fitting white shirts: [ [
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart should be adding new tweeds soon A mini houndstooth tweed fabric would be awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by blackbowtie Piggy backing on this thread - does anyone have any idea about the quality of work of Stephen the Tailor at 2000 Penn? Stephen is pretty good, at least for what I've had him do: hem jeans and hem and taper pants. Friendly guy too, I would definitely recommend him. Before I went to Cristopher Kim's at 2000 M St, which was good too though maybe a bit expensive, but Stephen is right where I live so it's...
I have a light grey flannel suit which looks great with brown shoes and belt. The suit has black buttons which although not my favorite don't bother me, however a friend has pointed out that dark grey as opposed to black buttons would make the outfit look better with the brown. After thinking about it, I feel he might be on to something. Any thoughts? I've always been a strict shoes and belt matcher (or at least never black and brown), but haven't gone as far as to do the...
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