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Due to the outburst of condemnation, the photos have been cropped for your viewing pleasure. Now pretend I'm wearing candy cane seersucker pants. On a serious note, I've starting to think that the shoulder size for the grey suit is better, the problem seems to be the padding which is rather thicker than in the charcoal one.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 +1 Dude! WTF! Put on some pants for crying out loud i was just lounging in my room... no need to put them on to show shoulder fit. now if we could just get back to the topic of this post
Quote: Originally Posted by binge MBT breast pocket? i must be sartorially challenged so as to not know what MBT means Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Are those boxer shorts? yes
I currently have two suits and am about to purchase a third. The two I have have slightly differing shoulder sizes, as shown by the pics below: the ones on the grey suit seem to extend a bit over my natural shoulder, while the ones on the charcoal suit fall right on them. Which one fits "appropriately"? What sort of shoulder sizing should I go for on my next suit (as compared to the pics here)? Any suggestions are much appreciated
Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 nice boots jd roosevelt island?
Quote: Originally Posted by greekonomist I don't think it's stylish, just German. Perhaps going too far down the Road to Serfdom, Friedrich?
Germany's Joachim Loew always wears great fitting white shirts: [ [
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart should be adding new tweeds soon A mini houndstooth tweed fabric would be awesome
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