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After some tweaks to my last order, I think I'm sticking with these measurements and specifications for future shirts
Too much? I noticed that my tie kept falling slightly out of place with a Jantzen shirt with 3/4" tie space, so I went up to 1" for this order (Ricky from Jantzen remarked that that was too big over the phone) and it seems to stay put substantially better. I recall Michael Alden posting that he went with the same measure. What do you all think?
Jamison, as a suggestion, you could add a search by size feature on the website to easily check the availability of trousers in one's size. Too bad most 32s are out sold out
Glad to finally join the club, now I only need a pair of these Connaughts in brown suede
Trying to sell these ASAP as I'm moving. All prices include shipping within the continental US Allen Edmonds Park Ave - US7EEE - $80 IA true SF classifieds mainstay. I've had these for about a year and have kept them in great condition. No scratches, cracks or anything. Original shoe bags included
I'm not sure if this is sartorial enough for the thread but it is most certainly creepy: Louis Vuitton condoms for US$68 What's next, bespoke grass fed pebble grain (for her pleasure) calf?
Other than the first being cordovan and unlined, are the Harvard and Boston loafers identical? The name suggests so and they're both on the 314 last
Unexpectedly so, I tried a pair of C&J Connaught's in 7E (UK) and they fit perfectly
The skimpy shirt collars that seem to be all the rage now are hideous.The arrow on the temple looked a bit small to be Persol but I think you are right: http://www.sunglasshut.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/PDP?storeId=12351&catalogId=&langId=-1&productId=713132288412
Dislike the look but love those glasses, can anyone ID them?
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