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New price drop
Price drop
New with tags, Howard Yount Garment Dyed Cotton Gabardine Pants in grey, size 32. $70 shipped to continental US, payment via PayPal From the HY website: Garment dyed cotton gabardine. 100% cotton (280g/9.9 oz). Classic slim fit. Flat front. Three button closure. Grosgrain trim for closure and belt buckle loops. Zip fly. Hemmed to 36" inseam. Measurements: Waist - 33'' Knee - 10'' Ankle - 8'' Rise - 10" Length - 45.5" Inseam - 36" Only caveat is loose stitching on the...
Thanks, I just sent the retailer an email. Their website says that they offer a full refund on faulty or damaged shoes. Although unfortunately I have worn them about five times before spotting the issue, I believe that that should not make a difference, since it's not like they would re-stock the faulty shoes as would be the case with a regular return. My interactions with the retailer have been quite pleasant so far so I have no reason to suspect that they will reject my...
I recently received a pair of the C&J Harvard loafers in shell cordovan after a 6 month wait from an online retailer. I was so excited with the fit and look of them that only after several wears did I notice that something was off with the toebox seam on the right foot shoe. As you can see on the shoe on the left in the pic below, the seam along the toebox falls further down towards the sole on one side than on the other, which makes it look inconsistent. It is also...
See here
Can you be a tad more specific?
While that might be a stylistic preference, there is absolutely no way you can fit a thick tie without substantial tie space, unless you have an extreme cut away collar. The tie in the pic below, for example, is from Altea and perhaps the thickest I have, and even with the large (~ 3/4") tie space the shirt has it still looks slightly off, but not with the 1" space:Thanks, it's 2"
After some tweaks to my last order, I think I'm sticking with these measurements and specifications for future shirts
Too much? I noticed that my tie kept falling slightly out of place with a Jantzen shirt with 3/4" tie space, so I went up to 1" for this order (Ricky from Jantzen remarked that that was too big over the phone) and it seems to stay put substantially better. I recall Michael Alden posting that he went with the same measure. What do you all think?
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