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Quote: Originally Posted by dinted voice Thanks. They are 2.75. I have a couple 2.5, but I think for me, the 2.75 is about the perfect lapel width. yep, my two TaT, and the other suit I own, have the same lapel widths, which go pretty well with ties of the same width, which is pretty much the only ones i buy
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Are you sure they're made of wood? Looks like they're made of stacked leather with some kind of finish that's been painted on and is now flaking off. i'm not sure, but it is definitely not paint flaking off but rather splintering of the material Quote: Originally Posted by stewartu See a cobbler. I'm guessing $25 for heels in the U.S.? Where I live, I had a complete leather half-sole...
The rubber soles on my pair of Ferragamo monkstraps are wearing off and the wood in the heels has started to splinter… does this require a full replacement of the sole? Any idea how much a cobbler would charge? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by dinted voice very very very nice... are the lapels 2.75" or 3"?
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi they actually are at $30 at filene's right now. they have a ton of them - didn't recognize/remember the name but no, it's not Loro Piana The ones at Filene's are Geoffrey Beene, cashmere and for $30. I might actually get one soon, seemed like a good deal
Does anyone know if more items will go on sale online during/around black friday? And to bump my previous post, has anyone bought/felt/tried something in the wool-cashmere mix? I stopped by a J Crew store this weekend but couldn't find anything in that fabric, then went online and realized it's online & catalog only.
Has anyone bought a sweater in wool-cashmere? More to the point, how does it hold compared to merino and to cotton-cashmere? I have a cotton-cashmere v-neck which has stretched out and lost its shape completely, while the merino has held up pretty well. I am looking into the jersey mockneck.
Quote: Originally Posted by epic raccoon Can you vary the slant of jacket pockets (less than pictured on the site)? yes, i actually requested jacket pockets at a slightly slanted angle (i sent jason this link for reference) for a dark navy worsted suit which according to google checkout shipped out yesterday i'll post pics once i receive and shower steam it
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Breast pockets on the wrong side but everything else looks great. thanks, it's actually the way the computer camera takes pics, i forgot to flip them Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Huh? Well the gray suit seems to have a little space in the collar. it feels pretty much the same, i guess it's the shadow under the collar from the light above that contrasts more w the grey...
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