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Quote: Originally Posted by Wrigglez ^^ nice, house cut? thanks, it's a house cut w slightly wider lapels and longer length Quote: Originally Posted by kalanigee What fabric is this? light grey lightweight flannel Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense looks really good, fabric is nice
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl suit details? Thick as Thieves flannel Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Very nice tie. Is it BBBF? Thanks. It's PRL, somewhat thick wool, very wintery. Got it a couple of weeks ago at the Georgetown store for $30, down from $120
Cross posted at WAYWRN, and I had already posted a pic of the same suit here, but I finally got around to taking a pic with a good camera:
I've never sold anything on SF or any other forum for that matter, or on ebay, and have several items I'm looking to sell. How can I signal my reliability as a seller? What are the most common methods of payment? When exactly do payments take place (eg after buyer receives order, before order ships)?? (I looked at the buying and selling sub forum but couldn't find an equivalent to this thread)
I'm looking for a buckle dress belt that matches my walnut dress shoes, something like RL's engine turn buckle belt but in that color: Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by TwoStep While I get my pants hemmed to a length that most SF members would probably consider too short (30.5" inseam, I'm 5'11''), I think that the look you're going for would greatly benefit from lengthening the pants at least half an inch, as well as tapering them slightly and cuffing them. My own personal "rule" for pant length is that when standing up straight, the pants should touch the tongue and back...
I'd say definitely go for Thick as Thieves. I have a similar body as you and have ordered two suits from them that fit me great. You can visit their website at http://www.thickasthievesla.com/ or their SF thread at http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=27754
Quote: Originally Posted by InsBrokerTX Did you puke on the mirror before taking the pictures? Some glass cleaner and a paper towel would go a long way for you. Ummm… no. It was snowing and when I came in I decided to take some pics, somewhat impulsively I might add.
i'd post more often if i had a decent camera, however i don't think these came out that bad
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