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The VP looking pretty bad ass in Israel:
Quote: Originally Posted by tcnjbanker123 The new Brooks slim ties do a perfect job of staying wide enough for business and general acceptability +1 I have two of those (one will be up on FS soon though) and they work well at work without being too fashion forward. For me 2.75" is ideal, anything below 2.5" is pushing it IMHO
Try the GS Graduate School, I know they have some and it's relatively cheap for a credited course
I'm curious as to what SFers think about the no break trousers… I like them shorter than most, barely touching the shoe at the back, but dislike the Thom Browne-esque extreme.
So THAT's what gorge meant; I'd seen the term thrown around in WAYWRN but was unaware of its meaning.
I recently realized, though in hindsight it seems patently obvious, why some wider lapeled jackets, all else constant, look very appealing and others horrible to my eyes. As the pics below show, the difference is how high the lapel rides up to. In the top pic, the widest part of the label is roughly in line with the shoulders and the shirt collar, while it reaches considerably lower in the bottom pic. Any name for this, and are they endemic to any particular style?
According to my tailor and to Jason from TaT it's the black line.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wrigglez ^^ nice, house cut? thanks, it's a house cut w slightly wider lapels and longer length Quote: Originally Posted by kalanigee What fabric is this? light grey lightweight flannel Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense looks really good, fabric is nice
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl suit details? Thick as Thieves flannel Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Very nice tie. Is it BBBF? Thanks. It's PRL, somewhat thick wool, very wintery. Got it a couple of weeks ago at the Georgetown store for $30, down from $120
Cross posted at WAYWRN, and I had already posted a pic of the same suit here, but I finally got around to taking a pic with a good camera:
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