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Quote: Originally Posted by Gavin I got my shipping email from Jason almost a month to the day from my order. I placed an order for a jacket on 3/2, shipping confirmation on 3/16, and the jacket in my mailbox yesterday
^^^^^^^ just realized you meant the shirt. sleeves look a bit long, too much fabric bunching up above the cuff
Quote: Originally Posted by click here I just received my first mtm from moderntailor. Do you guys think the fit is decent? Any suggestions for improvements on my next order? Fit looks pretty good, but perhaps a higher rise would improve it
Excellent thread BTW Quote: Originally Posted by DutchDaedalus It's very Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, tres old world chic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Monaco Their service is great and employees are very passionate and knowledgeable about their work. Although there was this one time where I reached my hand under the glass to pick up a sample cheesecake and the girl behind the counter went NUTS! She wasn't even paying attention to the people walking by that is why everybody reaches for the samples themselves. + 1 Every time I go, the cashier points to an item...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B Im stuck with this crap, which might explain what prompted your comment: Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - party is still rocking, I just found it interesting that you have been a member for a few years & felt compelled to tell us about the "no-break".. Still on time then hehe... well I guess I might have joined SF a while ago but I didn't...
Thanks for the input guys . The cotton fabric from Huddersfield I linked to, for example, is 9 oz, which is comparable with their frescos which range from 8 - 15 oz. I know that a fabric with an open weave will be more breathable than cotton, yet I lack a pair of ubiquitous cotton khaki trousers and figured I might as well get a jacket which also pairs well with jeans. In my pre-SF days, I spent the sweltering and humid summer days in DC wearing the first suits I owned,...
Got my new first HY purchase today… must have been the last in this color since it's not online anymore. The hand written thank you note was a nice touch, thanks!
wearing my howard yount tie for the first time
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