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Got my new first HY purchase today… must have been the last in this color since it's not online anymore. The hand written thank you note was a nice touch, thanks!
wearing my howard yount tie for the first time
Quote: Originally Posted by needshoehelp This wouldn't work for me, but it seems to work for you. I think it might be more jarring if the contrast between pants and shoes were greater (e.g., if you were wearing light grey slacks). thanks. you mean like this? generally i stick with solid socks when wearing trousers, so it's nothing too shocking Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - this is a joke right.. The no break...
So I'm looking to get a cotton suit made, and have no experience with purchasing fabric. All I know is that I want it to be lightweight and breathable to handle the heat and humidity of summer, and in a light khaki/cream color. Several questions: - any particular type of cotton to look for? - standard at any fabric store or should look at specialized ones or online? - how much is needed for one full suit? Looking around online, fabric 9280 at the bottom right seems to be...
Though overall I think the fit is pretty good, I have two nitpicks: - quarters are too closed - both jacket and shirt sleeves are way too long, I side with the Sartorialist on this issue
The VP looking pretty bad ass in Israel:
Quote: Originally Posted by tcnjbanker123 The new Brooks slim ties do a perfect job of staying wide enough for business and general acceptability +1 I have two of those (one will be up on FS soon though) and they work well at work without being too fashion forward. For me 2.75" is ideal, anything below 2.5" is pushing it IMHO
Try the GS Graduate School, I know they have some and it's relatively cheap for a credited course
I'm curious as to what SFers think about the no break trousers… I like them shorter than most, barely touching the shoe at the back, but dislike the Thom Browne-esque extreme.
So THAT's what gorge meant; I'd seen the term thrown around in WAYWRN but was unaware of its meaning.
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