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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Any Paypal account you already have, works. Nothing "special" is required.... and rather than worry about revoking payment if it does not arrive, just pay the extra for special services . And always have great communication, disclose everything, and ship promptly! Thanks! Regarding the revocation of payment, I meant this from a first-time sellers point of view: will buyers be assured that I am legit...
I'm posting this here in MC per a moderator's suggestion. I have a few items I'd like to sell and have never sold anything online. I have a PayPal account. When selling items on B&S, do buyers simply deposit money into the seller's account, and trust them to ship it, or can they revoke the payment if the item doesn't arrive? Would I have to set up a merchant account for the deal to be legally binding, as on eBay? I'm sure these are very basic questions, and I did...
From Jantzen Tailor
Quote: Originally Posted by mfitz82 Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue ^ That's not sartorial, you're just being a jerk. What do you know about being sartorial? Oliver Peoples yo
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I want to get a pair of jeans hemmed in Washington. Can someone name a tailor who will do a competent job (as in, not put plain hems on the jeans)? I think everyone went too overboard with recommending bespoke tailoring and not addressing your issue. I have gone to Stephen the Tailor on 21st and I St NW for lots of items; he hemmed my APC jeans for $15 or $20 (can't really remember) with the original hem...
Thanks for the input guys, it seems def not worth it, especially considering how minimal the roping is
The Sartorialist has a good and relevant post: The Proper Shirt Sleeve Length In regards to your issue, remember that if you want to show some cuff the jacket sleeves have to be shorter than what your tailor assumes is 'normal'. If the jacket sleeves are tapered and slim, it could also be the case that the shirt sleeves get tangled in the jacket sleeve and don't fall all the way down, especially if they aren't slim
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Looks like the crew pre-distressed theirs. The quarters are also more rounded out... I'm liking the J Crew ones but not sure they're worth the extra $30 for what almost amounts to the same thing
Any idea on how difficult it would be for a tailor to "de-rope" suit shoulders? And how expensive?
Has anyone seen the J Crew exclusive Sperry topsider seamate sneakers at a store? Asides from the eyelet placement, laces and + $28, are there any other differences from the regular Sperry Bahama shoe?
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