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"I think what she has done with her hair is great, but she took it a step further with her dramatic razor thin eyebrows. One of those elements, without the other, would have made the whole look less effective. I also love how she plays with the contrast of tough but femme sexiness. Yes, she has an obvious punk sensibility, but she still shows a little bare shoulder, has some sparkle in her top and just the slightest touch of color on her lip. Well played young...
Looks good to me, but they surely don't look like 4" to my eyes (at least from that pic). Based on the pic below, you're probably measuring the width as the red line, when most people take the yellow to be the correct one.
only J Crew navy knit left, price drop
Price drop to $100 + shipping
Today I wore this, it's almost impossible to tie anything but a four in hand with this thick of a wool tie
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 - three casual looks done well. thanks, and ditto for the other two Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI really really like the colors, patterns, textures and fit here (everything!) Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD very nice fabric, is it flannel?
Warm weather steez Uniqlo shirt, PRL belt, Benetton trousers tailored into shorts, Bass Weejuns
All sold. Thanks to the buyers!
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