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I'll throw some shameless self promotion here and ask for those interested in providing suggestions for fit improvements for an upcoming MTM order to visit this thread
I'm about to commission a MTM suit from the same maker as the navy one in the pics below. So far the only modification from this suit I have in mind is less roping on the shoulders. Any other suggestions regarding fit? I realize not everyone will like the style but it's the fit I am interested in receiving feedback on. The new suit will be made from the following light cotton fabric: I'm considering white MoP buttons after looking at this pic, what do you think?
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del MySpace scenester visits SF?
I go with a double FIH for narrow collars, and the Knize knot for spread collars that need a heftier knot to fill up space.
Last call, $50 w shipping, going to eBay after this
Quote: Originally Posted by HappyCamper My first post. Nice look... though breaching SF avatar copyright laws?
…yet another drop
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier The commenters on the site just bukkake whatever he shoots - far worse than regular WAYWRN bukkake. The Sartorialist could shoot a picture of a dog taking a shit, saturate the color, and the commenters would say something like: Have any negative comments ever been posted on his blog?
Price drop bump, now $80 + shipping
"I think what she has done with her hair is great, but she took it a step further with her dramatic razor thin eyebrows. One of those elements, without the other, would have made the whole look less effective. I also love how she plays with the contrast of tough but femme sexiness. Yes, she has an obvious punk sensibility, but she still shows a little bare shoulder, has some sparkle in her top and just the slightest touch of color on her lip. Well played young...
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