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Hi, my thread in FS: Men's Clothing that was linked to my signature is gone, and I did not break any rule that I am aware of. What happened?
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Anyone really likes this look? Like Michael Scott remarked about Andy's clothing, "It kinda reminds me of Easter". I'm not digging the white outline on the shoes, but overall it looks pretty good to me, particularly the socks matching the stripes on the tie
Notice the gold tooth/cavity filling oh so barely peeking out from her mouth. It looks so nonchalant yet you can tell it was a deliberate stylistic choice. It's the subtle accessorizing that really distinguishes Milanese ladies from the rest.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Actually, I misspoke: the back balance appears too long, not too short. But that said, balance has to do with the jacket's curvature, not its length. In your side-view photo above, the back balance looks long relative to the front because the deepest point of its curvature is lower than that of the front's. Quote: Originally Posted by Maccimus The waist lines dont look smooth. Compare your...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Shorten the back rise of the trousers and make sure the back balance isn't too short. A view from the side, standing naturally, would be helpful. Personally, i'd want a longer coat and a slightly lower buttoning point, too. Thanks So you're suggesting that the back should be a tad longer relative to the front? Quote: Originally Posted by magogian12345 Are your jean buttons...
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Love this combination. The rather odd stance in the photo does make fit a bit difficult to comment upon. Thanks! I've seen your pics and would say that we have a similar style, except for your intense contempt for my Weejun loafers Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel SC looks great, but the lapels call for a wider tie
Some quick pics taken to address the stance issue: It does appear like the back wrinkling was due to posture, it looks a lot cleaner now.
used but in perfect condition, no scratches or markings whatsoever Polo Ralph Lauren (same as here)- PRICE DROP $60 + shipping (USPS) Ralph Lauren Purple Label SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by Maccimus Looks nice to me except some obvious puckers on the back. Please rest your arms naturally so we can see the waist suppression. Point well taken, I'll try with some other pics. The jacket fits pretty well at the front, with no pulling at the button hole, so I don't think the puckering is caused by tightness. Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe You have a slouched posture which is why on the...
I'd like to request a thorough foofing:,
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