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What's the best way to get rid of mud on dress shoes? The soles are covered by it and a little splashed on the uppers
I like the first one better, what's the collar band height and collar point length on that?
Can cordovan be spit shined? I love the natural look of my CJ Harvards but would really like to get a mirror shine on the toe.
While I love my ST-100x, I'm not a fan of the 3sixteen logo on display on the leather patch on the back. Has anyone attempted to sand it off or otherwise buff or blur it out somehow? It does seem to have been carved deep into the leather. Best, VR
I'll take advantage of the momentum of this thread to ask the opposite - what's a good slim fitting OTR trouser with a higher rise (ie at the natural waist, close to the navel in my case)? I recently purchased a pair from Epaulet which off the rack has a higher rise than the pair of Howard Yount pants I have, but unlike those HY didn't have any excess fabric to be let out at the crotch area. I'm thinking about something like the following, in terms of rise and slimness...
I received a pair of C&J Harvard cordovan loafers in exchange for ones I returned due to stitching issues and noticed that the "balance", for lack of a better term, is off on the left shoe, as the shoe tilts inward as shown in the pics below. None of the 10 or so quality dress shoes I've owned have had this issue, and I can't overlook this considering what the shoes cost. Will the shoe "re-balance" once I wear them, and more importantly, could this potentially affect my...
Bump Anyone know where I could purchase them online? Thanks
Looks great, PM'd
I'm looking for wider than normal dress shoe laces, like those that come with Lobbs or the ones pictured below (C&J Belgraves from Ethan Desu), and will be in NY later this week. Any idea where I could purchase some there? Thanks
Not oxford cloth but probably the nicest roll I've ever seen:
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