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My favorite shirt has an unfused collar and cuffs, and I definitely like that look and feel. However, the collar band is fused. I'm about to place an order for two new shirts and am considering going unfused on the collar band as well; would anyone recommend this or do I run the risk of it looking too sloppy and having the collar flatten beneath the jacket lapels if worn tieless? Thanks
Any idea who made the awesome sport coat on the left?
Thanks, this happened before I applied the Renomat, so that rules the first option out. I applied it precisely because I though it was excess built in polish. Should I keep applying more Renomat? I feel unsure about it as I've already applied it twice, do multiple layers of wax require more?
Thanks, that makes sense, as the right shoe tilts sideways when standing upright. Does this imply removing the soles and shaping the uppers all over again with a last? If so, it seems like a rather complicated procedure, any idea how much this would cost?
Two questions: 1) How much Renomat should be applied when stripping layers of wax and residue off a pair of shoes? 2) I noticed some irregularities on the cap toe of my C&J Hallams, as if parts of the cap toe had been "stained". I thought it was built-up wax that had been rubbed in too hard when attempting to spit shine the shoe, and so I applied a generous amount of Renomat (which lead to question 1) above). What could this be? It's hard to photograph but you can see...
I have a pair of Harvard loafers that I love, the cordovan has an amazing color particularly under the sunlight. However, there is one tiny thing that probably no one else will ever notice but just being aware of it drives me nuts. The stitching around the toe on the right shoe seems to be slightly misaligned. If you see the shoe from above as it will be seen 99.9% of the time, you can't really tell something's off: However, from this view you can see the odd S shape...
08/05 price drops
05/08 PRICE DROPS I'm travelling to the US next week and am looking to sell some of my tie collection. All prices include shipping CONUS, payment via PayPal and shipping would be through USPS sent out by monday or tuesday May 13-14. I don't wear ties on a regular basis so they are all in great shape, with the exception of the J Press linen tie which is a bit older. 1. Unknown maker, made in England for Althrupp & Peel London shirtmakers, 100% wool, 58" x 3.75" -...
There is some, but there are still significant layers of paste wax on the toe. Should I keep applying the Renomat until there is no color coming off on the rag anymore?
I have two pairs of shoes that I've worn for 2+ years with built up layers of wax from spit shining them and recently purchased Renomat to strip the layers away and start afresh. However, rubbing some Renomat in a circular motion hasn't had much of an effect, should I just rub in some more until the glossy layers just go away? I am a bit afraid of overdoing it
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