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Ed, are you planning on stocking any wider ties in the future (3.5 - 3.75")?
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Borrelli tie added PM'd
bump for a good seller. just received the lovely borrelli tie as good as new
Simon Crompton of Permanent Style had a related post: Materialism, not consumerism Christmas seems an appropriate time to discuss materialism. It is fashionable to characterise any attachment to material possessions as shallow. Any man interested in clothes knows the feeling of being considered superficial or - perhaps more revealingly - the fear of being considered so. But there is a difference between materialism and consumerism. A love of physical objects does...
To Endeavour above or other SFers who have a Barba, could you post any pics of them while being worn (preferably with tie)? Thanks!
Time to revive this thread! I'm interested in purchasing the Barba below from Shop the Finest: My impression is that the collar band on most shirts from Neapolitan makers are higher than usual, not to Prince of Kent stratospheric levels but similar to this: It's hard to tell the Barba's collar band's rise from the pics on STF, so feedback on this would be helpful. Thanks!
Would you mind sharing the measurements for the length of the points of the spread collars, as well as the height of the collar band? Also, are the sleeves and collars fused or interlined? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker That looks like wool, its silk? Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker If Tiecrafters says they cant do it, I dont think anyone can.
I recently had the unpleasant experience of purchasing two BNWT ties on FS from different sellers and receiving both with fading on the silk, which is significant yet only evident when viewed at a certain angle to the light (I only noticed when I looked down when tying them). Since I was in NYC last weekend, I even stopped by Tie Crafters thinking they could easily clean them, but the affable gentleman who assisted me there said that he wouldn't take my money knowing that...
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