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Auto bump, but can anyone provide me with further confirmation that it is only a half-size difference as someone wrote in the C&J thread? The discount is about to end and I want to ensure the shoes will fit, thanks!
Thanks, all the Harvards I've seen available online are only in E width (UK), while the RL Marlows are only available in D width (US), so I think the widths are the same, as it seems unlikely they would make them narrower for the US market
Are the collars on 8 and 9 lightly lined and unfused, or totally unlined? Thanks
Cross posted at the C&J for RL cordovan thread, but does anyone know they conversion between the Harvard loafers in UK sizing to the RL Marlow loafer in US sizing? The shoe is identical in every aspect except for the full strap across the vamp on the Marlows. Thanks
Thanks for the info, it does seem like a good deal I have a pair of CJ Harvards which are basically the Marlow loafers minus the full strap, can anyone tell me what the UK/US sizing conversion is?
Right now and for a few days only the RL website is offering $150 off orders over $500. Is there any other time of the year where I can get a lower price for Marlow penny loafers directly from RL? Thanks
Big A,would you mind sharing those pics? I'd be very interested in seeing how their more curved quarters look, thanks
I am a big fan of the NSM house style, however I do like some more rounded quarters a la Liverano or B&Tailor as in the following pic: Has someone tried this with Mina before or is it something she could easily accomodate?
Reviving this thread, I am placing an order for a linen shirt that is meant to be worn both with jeans and no jacket and with a summer suit and tie as well. I am going for a spread collar, should I go for a lightly lined collar and collar band as unlined would look too sloppy?
I find it hard to tell from just the pics... I'd say most look unfused but I do have a Barba shirt with a real nice collar roll, similar to those above, which has medium-soft fused interlining.
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