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@gdl203 Thanks for the prompt reply. I wholeheartedly agree with the notion of sticking to a tailor's house cut, however other than the quarters I'm a much bigger fan of Formosa's neapolitan cut than Liverano's, and that would be the only deviation I would request. Could you provide an approximate price for bespoke?Many thanks
The Formosa suits look amazing and at the going price are a steal. I'm a big fan of rounded quarters like Liverano's, would you say the Formosa's are similar to those in the pic from The Armoury's Ethan below? Greg, do you have a showroom? I'll be moving to NYC in August and would certainly like to try a Formosa suit on. Best, VR
My Marlow loafers: It took a while but I've slowly come to terms with and even have begun to appreciate the creases,. However I am very much peeved with those appearing below the apron only on the right shoe, which seems odd as my right foot is slightly fuller than my left, whereas creases are more promiment when shoes fit large
Used Crockett & Jones Harvard shell cordovan loafers size UK6.5, other than some very slight scuffs in the heel they are in excellent condition as can be seen in the pics above. Will ship with the original C&J shoe bags Payment via PayPal, price includes shipping Many thanks, VR
Thanks, US 7.5 then! Only 8 mins before the promo expires
Thanks, yeah I've been thinking about that but I live outside out of the US and shipping them is somewhat of a hassle. If you know the size conversion they use on the Marlow loafers it'd be much appreciated!
Auto bump, but can anyone provide me with further confirmation that it is only a half-size difference as someone wrote in the C&J thread? The discount is about to end and I want to ensure the shoes will fit, thanks!
Thanks, all the Harvards I've seen available online are only in E width (UK), while the RL Marlows are only available in D width (US), so I think the widths are the same, as it seems unlikely they would make them narrower for the US market
Are the collars on 8 and 9 lightly lined and unfused, or totally unlined? Thanks
Cross posted at the C&J for RL cordovan thread, but does anyone know they conversion between the Harvard loafers in UK sizing to the RL Marlow loafer in US sizing? The shoe is identical in every aspect except for the full strap across the vamp on the Marlows. Thanks
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