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Such handsomeness! Congrats, B! [[SPOILER]] [/quote]
Personally, SF, given the situation, I think it looks fine. Wld love to see you wear the jacket with something else before making final judgement. Wld you post something else with it being worn? Thx. Oh, and trust me, you are not 'boring' I really think my outfit there was crazy when i'm looking it again. Wanted to try out something new but I will stick to ''boring'' me that's betterĀ 
Mal - you have great 'ankles' John Lobb John Lobb
Very nice, Mal - looks 'smart'. Congrats!
I understand Spoo's staircase flight - have lived in my 3-story 1827 townhouse for 22 years, up n down 3 flights everyday how many times??? Missed the last 4 steps coming down from the third floor the other night. Come to think of it - it was the same night as Spoo!!! Mom, he tripped me!!
Cool socks!! Where'd you get them? Love the antique table - need a better shot of it.
Spoo - Happy New Year! Love the socks, Spoo - Whose? Material?
Can't deal with the slowness of getting from one page to the next here anymore. Will glance-in every once in awhile and see what's 'cooking', but I'm done with regular check-ins. Happy New Year, gents...
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