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What about boots in novegese construction? (in new rey last) I will be interested in that.
Still available? Pm sent yesterday
Yea! I sent payment as personal payment but I used credit card to pay for that, and now I am working with credit card dispute department to deal with this issue!
I have been scammed by this user in the id of Bonney. Am talking with bank to try to get the money back...
Thanks mate, am trying to deal with bank and Paypal.
I paid the seller $350 for the boots with shipping cost to Hong Kong included.I sent the payment to michael.lindsay77@yahoo.com as personal payment.Seller said would send the shoes on Monday and provide me a tracking afterwards. However, he hasn't been online since then. I suspect this is a scam and would like some advice on this issue.(I have positive purchasing feedback in these few years and you may check in my profile.)
Sh...! I paid for the same pair of boots and sent payment as personal payment... Any methods to get the money back?
Absolutely interested in Leaf Green Shell Cordovan!Suggesting style: triple monk bootsSuggesting last: new chiseled last (similar to Olfe but more chiseled)The boots will be something like the picture below but in different color...
I got the order info on meermin website but never received any invoice... Is there something wrong with my order? ________________________________ Update: Got my invoice just now and settled already! Wish you all a Merry Xmas!
Thanks a lot terrorsquad. Really look forward! But i havent got the Paypal invoice yet...
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