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Not purple or green--but white. It actually is a beautiful coat. Just a filene's basement in D.C.
Just bought a brioni sportscoat with a price tag from Neimen Marcus of $2145 for $150. My god it's nice and I don't even need to tailor it!
I say wear your hairy chest with pride!
Gee, Bay Area to D.C.--get ready for a culture shock. It's not that cool in D.C., but it's getting a little bit better with Obama type people. On the upside we are experencing 99 degree weather this week Rent is very expensive out here (not that is different than the Bay Area). Food is more expensive, I think, than in California. You will need money for a security deposit and, perhaps, first and last months rent. This is a lot of dough. Good neighborhoods to live...
it's from D.C. to Seattle--doesn't seem to get more expensive than that.
Yeah, I'm sucking it up. I really do want the job. The director is double checking, but it looks like I'm not going to be buying anything off the forum for a couple months
Should I be pissed? I got a second interview for a dream job in a city that I more than love. It pays well and the work is interesting. I got selected for the first interview out of 537 candidates so I feel lucky about just making it to the final round. However, they are making me pay for my flight out there--almost $600! It's a government agency. Anyone else interviewed with a federal gov't position when they didn't pay airfare for a 2nd interview? This is...
gangstarr is awesome! The good doctor shipped fast, the quality was out of sight for the price and it was packed nicely. I would do business with him again in a second!
What's the P2p on the suit?
That would suck. Hope there is a fire sale, though!
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