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I've been thinking of getting some Clark's. How big do they fit? I'm normally a 10.5. Are they a 1/2 size of full size bigger than a "normal" shoe. Thanks!
virtually brand new mainline italian varvatos suit. Solid dark grey with some of tags still attached. Only $150. MSRP $1500. Beautiful (at least on my budget so no baller suits for me)
I was reading in the Economist this weekend that "some fashion houses make clothing exclusively for Yoox.com as a way to use up left-over fabric." I don't think Yoox discloses this. Isn't this the same problem that some folks have with Gilt? Yoox represents that their starting prices are half off of retail...Any ideas on what brands the Economist is talking about? I bet it's Armani, because Yoox runs their website too. But that's just a guess.
I stayed in Guatemala for two weeks in 08. Wonderful country with very nice people. Everything is very very cheap there! Go to/don't go to: Tikal (either fly or cheaper take the a luxury bus). It's absolutely stunning Guatemala City--nothing to see here but poverty-be happy that you're helping with much needed tourist dollars Antigua--lovely colonial town with a beautiful volcano to climb. You should take organized tours up the volcano only b/c of the danger. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by joonian Is that suede? Nope. Just a very rich cognac brown.
One and only price drop to $30 shipped conus. Otherwise off to ebay!
Hi 42r preowned J Crew irish linen tan blazer. 3 button. Got it off of ebay from a user who said he only wore it twice. The blazer is in perfect shape $55 shipped conus. Stay cool this summer. It's nice but doesn't fit me. Measurements: 24 1/2 sleeves 32 BOC 18 Shoulders 21 chest And.... NWT tags large matching irish linen vest. SRP $95--I'll let it go for $40. Measurements 23 inch length 16 1/2 shoulders 23 inch chest at its...
NWOT AG belt in brown. Size 36. Got from Gilt Groupe for like $38 plus shipping. I think MSRP was $95, but I can't find the original price. I'll let her go for $35 (now $30)shipped conus. Beautiful belt but too large for me. I stupidly tore off the tags, tried it on and never wore it! I've bought and sold here a number of times without problems. 49 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Made in Italy. Paypal only, personal payment. Please PM with...
I probably woudn't wear it to court--just depositions. I can't believe what some attorneys wear to them--polo shirts, etc. I can't believe it inspire confidence in their clients.
I can confirm about the Yoox code applying to things not in your dreambox. I picked up an Emporio Armani suit for $185 shipped. I know, I know, it's cotton with some additional fibers. But I was happy with the E. Armani wool suit I got earlier this year from Yoox. So we shall see if it's good--and whether they send out a short, long or regular. I can always send it back! I wanted a cotton suit b/c I have to walk outside for depositions/court appearances in 95 degree...
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