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Who knows if it will. But I wear one (actually it's sort of a cross between a pork pie and a fedora). Just try not to look like Indiana Jones. I started to wear one because I wanted something more unique and less sloppy than a ballcap, especially when going to work. And I don't have hair on top, so I need a hat for sun protection!
Taylor stich has the best bones:
I have a theory suit (albeit not with lyrca) Theory is good for slim styling; I think generally for folks that are younger. I think it's conservative enough for a professional environment (I've worn to depositions and court appearances). We are not talking Rag and Bone suits that are cute for school boys. Much better than Calvin Klein, DKNY, etc in IMHO for the fit. The fabrics and construction are not very good, as with all of its other clothes. They are fused and...
Did I see a picture of Russel Brand with one of your flowers today? It was on, errr, perez hilton.
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Theyare was great--nice price, wonderful service Can't wait to buy from again!
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Thanks for all the good advice. It should qualify for this forum b/c I'm asking where to get clothes as wells as other stuff. As to location, I'll be right off the montgomery Bart station. How much does a decent apartment go for? $2k seems like a lot to me. I can push it up a few more hundered dollars, but I'm going to need new California clothes My midwestern heart shudders when I say $2k not a lot. I paid $250/month for my half of a two bedroom in 1997 in...
So after a year of trying to get a job back on the west coast (and several near misses in PDX and Seattle) I'm final leaving D.C.! I'm saying goodbye to humidity and politics and hello to fog, high taxes and meg whitman's teeth and gums. Any advice on what neighborhood to live in? And, more importantly, where to buy clothes? Last week I checked out the Nordstrom Rack and got a pair of wool zanella's for $55 (returns after a too short of hem I suppose, but the break...
I like JV shoes--I can't afford Aldens or Edward Greens, but I've been able to get three of his shoes for substantial discounts. I don't know the model, but every JV shoe that I have bought was at least 1/2 size larger than advertised.
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