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Here's my problem. I bought a new Brunello Cucineli sports coat for a steal. It fits fine in the shoulders and when unbuttoned. However, when I button the darn thing it's too tight in the upper waist area (too much beer!). Anyway, can a tailor can remedy this? If so, at what cost? Otherwise, I may post it to B/S....
I recently scored a NWT Dolce and Gabbana shirt from Jeremy's Department Store. It had some smudge on the collar that came out with a tide pen (I'm thinking just taking it with me next time in the dressing room). Anyway, got it for like $30. Great, slim shirt that I rocked in Vegas with a Brioni sports coat that I got at Filene's Basement for $120 last year (marked down from $2400). Although the buttons weren't the huge MOP ones that I've had on some other shirts...
The shoe trees are pretty nice and made in the USA too
When I went to Gilt's event in San Francisco last year it was mostly crap. I did get some nice shoes, but it was mostly things like Calvin Klein white label suits (made in China crap) that could be had at Nordstrom Rack for the same price if you wanted to waste your money.
In an ideal world, these fellas are right: never buy a suit online. That being said, I've worked in legal aid where I'm supposed to look good but make less than $50k a year. I think the best way to go is try on at store and then buy online. You can then get it tailored. Be picky and don't be afraid to send things back. Just because it is a huge discount, doesn't make it a good deal. My favorite suit is from Yoox. Fits very good and was 80% off.
Too bad not my size. These pants are great quality!
Smedley is awful! Especially in my size at discounted prices.
for that price, you might think about shortening it an inch or so
That tie is terrible. At first blush I thought it might be a fake. I do have a couple things from EA that are quite good--a nice wool/silk tie that is a nice textured dark grey and suit from their "napoli" line. Both of them made in Italy. I bet the EA line (much like the Polo Ralph Lauren line) makes a bunch of crap with some solid pieces mixed in.
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