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Hi, I've got a large used trovata hoodie for sale. It's in fine condition. $40 conus via paypal gift. It's 23 inches pit to pit. Really unique item that my g'friend won't let me keep. Please PM.
Now I'm really confused. It says "C" which I imagine means Corto or Short. It says 30.5 for length and 20.5 for the sleeves. But I compared it to the measurements of sportscoats that fit me well. Those sportcoats are listed as "regular" and the measurements are about the same. Maybe Canali runs long... I can't find anywhere that lists the average lengths for short, long and tall--I suppose this varies with style and brand. I'm about 5 10 1/2 so I should be...
oh no! It's short! Thanks for the advice. I'll have to e-mail the seller about that. Didn't think it was fake, but couldn't believe I'd find a 100% Cashmere Canali for that little dough. Any Canali experts out there? Looks nice to me... Thanks!
Pm sent...
Hmmm I've sued Sears a few times for messing with elderly folks (I'm a legal aid lawyer). The way they treated people was pretty awful. Most of their revenue didn't come from the products they sold, but the service contracts you buy along with the products--which are mostly a waste of money. Hopefully, this Chicago institution will become a respectable middle-class business again, not one that makes its profits from cheating folks.
price drop to $50
added more pictures per request.
It's a regular old neck. Must have been the angle. I'm at work now, but will post some more picks tonight. It's my Iphone, so the quality is not going to be the best.
price drop to $65 CONUS.
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