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Please PM walnut strand in 10.5 D. Thanks!
Shitty shitty pictures. But here's my new boy. His name is Brioni
Beck is right! Besides DM7's haul doesn't count. He didn't get his from a thrift or discount store
I've won! Just scored a $4,500 Brioni sports coat from Marshalls at $119. Beautiful Grey prince of wells wool/silk
I would take it, if the print was of a jolly roger
My g'friend works at google. Went to Reed.
It's not just San Francisco with the waiting. When I lived in D.C. I waited 2 1/2 hours for a restaurant at the behest of my then girlfriend. BTW, I don't believe that folks in San Francisco are more smug, etc than any other big city. I love it here. Don't move here, if (a) you want things cheap; (b) you want a ton of space; (c) you can't tolerate people leading "unconventional lives" (if if that unconventionality is not that radical or dissimilar to other members in...
Awesome quality and great guys! My personal favorite is their collar bones
At the risk of hijacking this thread (and getting yelled at for it) I would like Zepplin if someone could mix out Robert Plan and put in a real singer that didn't talk about wizards and sh*t. Give me Jimmy Page when he was with the Yardbirds! Everyone knows that Blow Up is the best movie for style anyway
Don't think so. Jeremy's Department store is a discount place. They have a 70% discount off its already low prices this weekend. Only for previously marked down merchandise though. Last month I scored an Isaia pair of dress pants for $49. Fun stuff!
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