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Quote: Originally Posted by mumbojumbo Of course you can! I was not overly impressed by the workmanship of my jantzen shirt. For the price?
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade The store has plenty of Craftsmans (Craftsmen?). It's worth going in even if only to check one's size. But the prices are much higher than at any of the web sites listed in this thread. Oh, I realize that, I'm only going to see what size I want to order them in.
I assume that if they have anything, they'll probably have the Craftsman? Either way, worth a look.
My plan is to go to the RM Williams store here in New York to figure out sizing and then order online. However, what sizes will the store in New York list, Australian or American? I assume I can just translate the sizes once I know which one they are using, but I want to make sure I get the right fit because shipping from Australia is a bit pricey if I want to return them.
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