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Hi everyone. I'm in Bangkok now. I saw a lot of tailors in MBK (the big shopping mall). Stores there promise to finish a shirt in 1-2 days. Are these tailors any good?
^^ thanks! what's CYC btw?
yeah i thought so, but i got confused because of the button down collar.. how about my 2nd question guys? about shirt and tie combination with navy pinstriped pants? thanks!
@J.P. Myhre: That's a really nice pair of shoes!
^^Yes thanks Sir.
What tie can you recommend to this shirt: And what shirt and tie combo can you recommend for a pair of navy pin-striped wool pants? I'm 26 by the way and I work as a financial analyst. Thanks!
Oh sorry, I'll get about 5 shirts.
Hi. I will go to Singapore in March. While there, I will have a MTM shirt. So I'm looking for a very good tailor. Can anyone please recommend? Thanks!
Thanks everyone for your useful inputs. I will research more about your suggested shirtmakers. Culverwood: I know about Marks and Spencer, but they don't ship to Hong Kong. I read that in their website. By the way, I'm not from Hong Kong. I just want to have the shirts delivered there because Hong Kong is quite lenient with custom duties. I'll have the shirts delivered to my friend there, who will then ship the items to me here in the Philippines. Flying out...
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