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Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 how about alternative apparel or AA? American Apparel also has quality control issues. Not sure about Alternative Apparel though, never bought in bulk from them.
I am 5'9 , 118lbs , 32" chest and the kids size large fits me perfectly. I would recommend you buy the medium.
It also depends how old you are. Younger people don't need as much sleep.
Alright, , I'm gonna be nice and help out a noob. A simple, clean outfit would be: American Apparel/Alt. Apparel x Levis x Converse/Jack Purcells.
Here's mine. Made it a couple weeks ag.
Definately get the Levis 514's instead. These look way too washed out. You'll look like a douche.
I use Stuff is usually up soon after released.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake ^price range? $30-$55 Probably going to get it tailored.
Need to find a skinny white button-down shirt. 30-32 chest and 26-28 waist. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by gt33 Yes. Who makes these?
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